Apple’s new MacBook Pro Scores Awfully low on iFixit’s Repairability Test

They may well be the most beautifully designed computers out in the market today, but Apple’s Macbook Pro with Retina display is a very difficult machine to repair in case something goes wrong or if you are feeling a little adventurous and would like to play with a screw driver or two. The only good point is that one, you do not really need too play or fix things with Macs and the other being that Apple is usually on the top shelf when it comes to providing good customer service.


iFixt does a teardown test and always reports a score which kind of tells how easy or tough it is to repair a gadget. We had seen recently the HTC One had scored rather poorly due to it’s unibody construction, but despite not having any unibody construction the MacBook Pro has scored a meager 1 out of 10 making it virtually impossible to be repaired by by a noob. iFixit said that the new pentalobe screws make opening the machine a project in itself as well as the new design sees battery being glued to the outer case which is a concern. You need to get through the battery to get to the touch pad, so in case things go awry, you really have little option but to take it to the Apple service center.

You can check out the entire teardown of the new Apple Macbook Pro here.

Via: Technobuffalo and iFixit

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