Apple’s Next MacBook Air to be Thinner and Taller and with a USB C Connector?

Apple’s MacBook Air has been the ultimate portable computer for those who like to get things done on the move. However, with the advancing time where 1080 P display resolution is seen as just about par and a bare minimum, the MacBook Air users are still fighting it out with the old 720 P display resolution which is now obsolete.

Macbook Air-2015-render

There have been several calls for Apple to revamp and bring out a new version of MacBook Air with refreshed specifications, but so far Apple has only upgraded specifications like RAM and SoC in the couple of years gone by. According to, 9to5Mac though, year 2015 will see the MacBook Air receive a major update with Apple moving away from the 11 inch size to a 12 inch size with a chassis that is narrower and much slimmer. The new computer will also have a narrower keyboard as well as a touchpad that is almost just as wide, but taller.

The new MacBook Air, will also do away with the standard ports such as the SD card reader, USB Ports as well as Apple’s MagSafe and Thunderbolt port for a USB C Type connector on the left, while the right side is said to just sport the 3.5 mm headset jack and a couple of mics for noise cancellation and audio input. The display is said to be of a higher resolution in the report and that the computer will have air vents just north of the keyboard which in itself has been inspired by PowerBook that was announced by Steve Jobs almost 12 years ago. It is also expected that the new MacBook Air will ship in an all new Space Grey color with the date said to be around mid of 2015.


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