Are These Images of the new Budget iPhone?

The idea of a budget iPhone is indeed very tempting. I mean, imagine a device designed and manufactured by the giants of smart phone industry that Apple is. However, you only need to see that even Apple, even for it’s budget devices does charge a premium. Just have a look at the likes of iPod Touch which is probably the most expensive MP3 players out there and even iPad Mini is not really the cheapest 8 inch tablet either. So, it is pretty much futile to think that the budget iPhone will compete with the likes of Micromax in the emerging markets.

budget iphone

There have been a few leaks already of the components of the budget iPhone and the idea that it could be available in several colours is one that has been advocated on several occasions already. But this is the very first time when we have seen the entire panels of iPhones leaked and published online. The device is shown in three different colours, an electric orange, yellow and green.

budget iphones_2

Obviously there is no sure shot that these indeed will prove to be the real deal, but one of the French websites, has compared the board of the device to the existing iPhone 5 and they are pretty much identical. The budget iPhone in itself is very much like the shape of iPhone 5 but in a plastic chassis than metallic and glass.

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Via: Mashable

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