As Per Black Friday iOS Still Remains Number One Mobile Opering System

There have been several reports in the past that say that Android has almost or finally caught up the tittle charge and that Windows Phone is really on the move up with iOS looking over the shoulder, but if the data from America’s biggest online sale, Black Friday is o be believed then iOS is still the number one mobile OS and by a fair distance.


Black Friday brings with it attractive sets of discounts and according to the research done by IBM Benchmarks, an average iOS user spent about $128 during the sale while the Android counterpart was around $105. This is the figure for apps and doesnt really tell the whole story. However, the fact that almost 18% of the sales on Black Friday were of the iPhone, while only 3.5 % were for Android phones kind of tell the whole story. Smartphones constituted a healthy 25% of the share of sales on Black Friday, affirming it’s position as the most sold product at Black Friday.

Not just this, but an independent report by Branding Brand also has iOS  for about two-thirds of all mobile purchases across 152 mobile retail websites.

According Branding Brand, iOS sent 66.62% of mobile site visits on Black Friday, while Android sent just 32.97% of the 9.3 million total visits accounted for across the sample 152 smartphone-optimized websites. These visits produced 174,111 orders, with a $93.20 average order value – an increase of 22.08% in average order value over Black Friday 2012.

All of this data indeed clearly affirms that iOS is still where people’s money is when push comes to shove. Let us know your views regarding the same in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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