Assign Static Drive Letters to Your USB Drives

If you use a USB drive frequently, you might have noticed that the drive letter for that USB drive will change from time to time depending on the use of that drive letter. To keep a static drive letter for your USB drive, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Control Panel from your Start menu.

control panel

2. In the Control Panel, if your viewing mode is set to Category, go to the System and Security option and then go to the Administrative Tools option. Otherwise simply click on the Administrative Tools option.

system n security               administrative tools               admin

3. In the Administrative Tools window, double click on the Computer Management option.

computer manage

4. In the Computer Management window, go to the Disk Management option on the left side of your window. Under Disk Management, you will be able to view all the drives that are connected to your computer.

disk management

5. Now select the removable drive whose drive letter you want to change. Right click on it and select the option ‘Change drive letters and paths’.

drive letter

drive letter change

6.  Now, to change the drive letter, click on Change. Here, select the drive letter that you wish to assign to your removable drive. It is better to change the letter of the drive to something between M and Z because even if you assign a lower letter, the drive will display a different letter as the assigned letter might be in use on some other drive.

7. So once this is done, click OK and exit. From here onwards, your drive will always be displayed with the same drive letter as assigned.

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