Asus’ 2013 Roadmap Leaked: No Nexus 10

Most of the companies have a very clear road map which suggests the device that would be coming out at various points in the year. We had seen similar roadmaps leaked earlier which give a great insight to how the company is planning in the year ahead and what exactly will be their strategies and how the technology will progress. The latest roadmap to leak out is that of Asus, the company behind the widely successful Nexus 7. There were media reports that there could be an opportunity for Asus to manufacture the bigger Nexus this time around, after the disappointment of Samsung last year with Nexus 10.

Asus Roadmap 2013

However, there is no hint of Nexus 10 in the roadmap. We have a couple of Memopads and Padfones, the way we have expected but nothing to suggest that Asus would be stepping out of their comfort zone and doing a bigger product. There have been no speculations either about a new Nexus 10, so there could well be a chance that Google may totally ignore the 10 inch tablet segment given the failures it faced with Motorola Xoom and Nexus 10.

Given the way Android has been on tablet, we do not mind the whole 7 inch experience and if that can be well optimized, fairly sure, not too many people would be looking for the 10 inch devices. We may as well call that category the iPad zone, and understandable if Google does not want to venture there given the domination.

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