Asus Announces Fonepad Note with 6 Inch 1080 P Display

The phablets are raining and raining hard. Unless, you are totally new to the mobile industry, you very well know what a phablet is. A cross been a phone and a tablet, a phablet usually measures more than 5 inch in screen size and usually attracts plenty of cries from the onlookers if you by chance use it against your ears to take a call. Yet, these devices are ruling the market simply because it saves the people from spending on a phone plus a tablet as it combines the two in a relatively economical package. Asus has gone the similar rout, and announced the Fonepad Note to take on the market leaders such as Galaxy Note II and LG Optimus G Pro.

Asus Phablet note

At the Computex keynote, held in Taiwan, Asus took the wraps off a device that pretty much looks like all the leaks we have seen of the upcoming Galaxy Note III. The device has front facing Stereo speakers, very similar to the HTC One and sports a 6 inch true 1080 P HD Display. The phone will be powered by the Intel manufactured Z2560 CPU and has 2 GB of RAM on board to keep everything silk smooth.

The Camera on board is 8 MP and 1.2 MP. It is not clear which version of Android would the device ship with, but it is a good guess that there will be a custom skin on top to take advantage of the capabilities of the stylus which will ship with the device. No news is available on the pricing or the availability of the device yet.

Via: Android Central

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