Asus Announces the Zenwatch with Android Wear

After teasing us with some interesting artwork in the days gone by, Asus has unveiled the Zenwatch in the buildup to IFA. While the official days for IFA may be 5th to 10th of September, like every year, there are a fair few events that happen in the build up to the mega conference and the Zenwatch launch was one of them. As expected the watch is rather aesthetically pleasing with a rectangular-ish face and runs Android Wear on the software front.

Asus Zenwatch

The watch becomes the fifth smartwatch to run Android Wear after the likes of LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 among others. However, the platform is still plagued with poor battery life and rather inconsistent behavior which we are not really sure if the Zenwatch would be addressing at least in the short term. Over the long term, as the platform grows older, we are sure these problems will be worked upon and improved.

The watch has a few interesting features such as covering the watch while there is an incoming call will mute the ringer or you can use the watch to help you unlock your secured smartphone without the need for entering the password. The watch will retail for $199, though there is no official release date or availability information. The watch from the looks of it, will have the 22 mm standard watch band so you can are not restricted to using the strap that ships out of the box.

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