Asus Expected to Announce the Zenfone 3 in May 2016

The Asus Zenfone series has been one of the most popular and well-known series, when it comes to budget smartphones. Put it down to a phone for every category strategy that Asus has adopted or simply the fact that they pack a lot of features for a very reasonable price, either way the Zenfone series has elevated Asus to being one of the big players in the smartphone world today. The next series of Zenfones will be the Asus Zenfone 3 and is expected to start filtering in from May 2016.

Zenfone 2

The device is expected to ship in May 2016 or June 2016, and will rock a fingerprint scanner like it has become bit of a standard feature now. The fingerprint scanner is expected to be manufactured by Elan Microelectronics and Goodix. This move will make the Zenfone 3, the very first set of Zenfone devices to come with a fingerprint scanner. With more and more budget devices bringing finger print scanner out, it is expected that the cost of one will fall to about $5 mark, making them an omnipresent phenomena.

Among other specifications, the absolute top end of the Zenfone 3 will perhaps bring a 2K display or even a 4K display. The Zenfone 3 will come with an Intel chipset and 4GB of RAM. About 30 million are expected to be shipped by Asus in 2016

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