AT&T Brings the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active to the US

Releasing a flagship these days is not enough. Each flagship must have a mini, max, active, prime, zoom variant and then some more. It becomes next to impossible to keep up with rumors about all these variants especially as HTC and Samsung look to outdo each other in terms of bringing more niche variants of their flagship devices to the market.

S5 Active

Samsung has made its move as the rugged variant of the Galaxy S5, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has gone on sale in the US on AT&T carrier. It is not clear whether the device will be a global release or like the Galaxy S4 Active, just remain a US exclusive. The S5 Active bears similar specifications as the Galaxy S5 and will come with a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED HD display with a 16 MP Rear Camera. The phone will run on the latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat variant. The S5 Active is available in three different colors for those on AT&T, these include Camo Green, Titanium Gray and and Ruby Red.

Just like the S4 Active, the USP of the phone is its dustproof, shockproof and waterproof capabilities. The home button on the S5 has been replaced by a three button layout on the front of the S5 Active. Not just this, there is a convenience key on the side of the device like a BlackBerry to help you launch apps of your choice quickly. The heart beat monitor on the S5 has carried over to the S5 active, though the fingerprint sensor has given way in the new front button layout. The S5 Active is available on a two year contract for $199.99.


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