Search For Your Favourite Google Doodles and Order Merchandise

We all love the Google Doodles that appear on the Google’s Homepage for every notable event. The Doodles last only for a day and then they are removed. You couldn’t check it back later even if you wanted to but now you can.


Google has revamped it Doodle website and now you can choose all those Doodles you loved and can view or play them a number of times. This site has close to a 1000 doodles to watch and play with. Also as a bonus, Google has come up with a Doodle Merchandise Store from where you can purchase items with you favourite Doodles on them.


You can search for your favourite Doodle by typing in the name or you can enter the year and location of the particular Doodle. So what are you waiting for. Check out the Google Doodle page here.

Convert Files in Different Formats Using Email

There are a lot of websites on the internet that offer the service for converting files in different formats. You have to upload the source file, select the desired format and the converted file is ready for download. This is pretty easy but it has it limitations. You have the upload the file to the file conversion service and this becomes a challenge when uploading from any mobile browser. Also, if you receive a file as an email attachment, you need to download the file first and then upload it to the file conversion service, convert it and download it back again. This is time consuming.

Now you can convert files by email itself using Zamzar which is a popular tool for converting file online. All you need to do is forward the email to Zamzar, and the link to download the converted file will be sent back to you in no time. The mail should be forwarded to where format is the output file format. For example if you want to convert a docx file to pdf, the email should be forwarded to Using this service You can convert documents, presentations, ebooks, videos, audio files, archives and more. You can check Here for a complete list of supported file formats. Also, forwarding the email only starts the conversion process. To download the converted file you need to visit the Zamzar website by following the link in the Email that you receive.





You don’t have to register to use this service to convert files up to 1 MB in size. For larger files you need a paid account and will have to shell out some money, starting at $7 a month. I found Zamzar really helpful as people using office 2003 are always looking around to convert to docx format. Many PC’s in your college and office won’t allow you to install softwares. Zamzar comes in handy then and you can directly forward the email and download the converted files. Also people always need to convert attachments received in Emails from PDF to Word or Excel and Zamzar’s online service serves the purpose.

According to Zamzar’s privacy policy, the original files are deleted as soon as they have been converted. The company does however store your email address.

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Amazon Has Finally Came To India

The world’s largest online retailer has finally entered India. Thats right, is finally here but not in its original Avatar, it has launched itself in India as , a website which Amazon bought 14 years ago. The reason why it has not come in directly is that Amazon is waiting for the government’s multi-brand retail FDI (foreign direct investment) policy. will not compete with established e-commerce sites like Flipkart or eBay. It can be categorised as an online shopping service that will help customers discover products from other websites (including So, users will be redirected to the seller’s website when they want to buy a product from

All the payment, shipping, refund and return policies associated with the product will be the responsibility of the seller. Amit Agarwal, vice-president,, said, “The selection on Junglee includes more than nine million books and three million products from more than 14,000 Indian and global brands. Junglee would be that shopping platform where users can discover and compare products easily without going from one site to another.”

Also, it is clear that Flipkart and eBay are not part of the websites one can visit using the platform. uses the same search technology as in Amazon and has linked with a number of online and offline retailers. Amazon had already established its first warehouse in India last year and this move now would result in faster and cheaper shipment of products.

So, how do you think this will effect e-commerce sites like Flipkart? Is more competition better or will it just ruin the market? One thing for sure is, an average Indian would be absolutely loving this bit of news.

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5 Security Tips To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Of late i have heard about lots of instances from people highlighting the fact that their Facebook account has been hacked. It is a pretty serious issue as your personal information can be used in a wrong way by the hackers. But there are simple practices that you can follow to protect your account from being hacked and make your Facebook account secure.

1) Enable HTTPS

HTTP sends everything you do in plain text that any one can read. So the information that you send is not safe. HTTPS is a secure connection. It encrypts and decrypts any web communication that a user sends and receives i.e. the data that you send can only be read by the recipient. You can enable HTTPS by going to your Account Settings and clicking on the Security tab. Here you can enable your secure browsing.

2) Beware of Chat Messages containing links

Now this is a very common mistake that people commit. You may get a chat message from a friend that will be something like this :


Now when you click on this link, it will open a window that will request for permission to access your Facebook chat. This particular rogue Facebook application requests permission to “Access Facebook Chat.” Allowing the application developer this access gives them permission to send chat messages to your friends.


The people receiving these messages will likely think the link is coming from a trusted friend. We have heard reports that these links lead to viruses and/or malware infestation.

3) Review Permissions For Third Party Apps

Whenever you grant permission to facebook apps, those permission will remain the same even if you are no longer using the app. It is safe to disable any app that you no longer use. Go here to disable the apps.

4) Activate Text and Email Message Notifications

Facebook gives you the option to receive text message and email notifications whenever you account is accessed from a device other than your primary computer or mobile device. This not only helps you to find out if someone else is trying to access your Facebook profile but you can also activate you computer and mobile device as approved access points. You can go to Account Settings –> Security to activate this.

5) Don’t Use Facebook For Your Private Emails

Always keep a separate Email account for your private messages. Things like your bank details, PayPal or AdSense details should not be sent on your Facebook emails. If your Facebook account is hacked, this details will easily be accessible to the hacker. Also use distinct passwords for every email id. Make sure to avoid redundancy in your passwords.

These are some of the basic tips to prevent your Facebook account from hackers. Was this guide helpful? Do you have any more suggestions ? If so, please let us know in the comment section below.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a Portable Microsoft Security Solution

Sometimes it might happen that your computer becomes infected with a virus that would prevent you from running the antivirus on your machine or you would not be able to download critical security updates from the internet. These kind of situations are really frustrating and can have adverse effects on your system performance. But now Microsoft have come up with a free antivirus solution called Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a great Microsoft security solution that remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software from your computer easily.

New Bitmap Image

This software is very handy as it does not needs an installation and you can easily carry it on your U.S.B. drive. Just copy the executable file msert.exe on the U.S.B. drive and the software will run from there. It provides two types of scan, a through scan which scans every file and folders and a quick scan that will scan only the folders that are most likely to contain infection. It gets regular definition updates and it quarantines the infected files.

This free software is available both for 32-bit and 64-bit version of windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 for 10 days and expires after that. But you can re-download it with the updated virus definitions. Also, unlike the other Microsoft Products it does not check the genuineness of your windows before installation.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner.

How To Take Screenshots On Your Android Phone

Android has taken over majority of the mobile phone market and i personally feel it is an amazing platform. The best part is, it being open source provides a lot of opportunities for people to play around with the system. There are lots of dedicated communities online that can provide you with any information on the android product be it a simple version upgrade to installing a custom rom !

The other day i was fiddling around with my Samsung Galaxy S when i discovered something ! I was able to capture the screen shot on my device by pressing two buttons at a time. Just press and hold the “back” button and while holding it tap the “home” button and voila ! you will get a message on the screen as “screen captured”.


Now this i did with my Galaxy S running gingerbread. Also, i have tried it on Froyo and it works fine for both the versions. Below is a Captured Screen.



I Am not sure whether this trick will work with other devices or any other version of the android O.S.Please try for yourself and let us know here on BlogTechnika. Keep Visiting for more such tricks.

Indian Accents Not Supported By Siri

Apple’s iPhone 4S has arrived in the Indian market and according to the reports Apple fans are not queuing up out the stores to own the product, all because of the humongous price tag attached to it.

The most talked about thing about the iPhone 4S off late has been the voice assistant Siri. But a thing of concern for Indian users is that Siri doesn’t recognises Indian Accents. A lot of people have raised this issue. Even Apple has admitted it indirectly. When we compared the Apple’s website for India and the U.S. we found that Siri is not mentioned anywhere in the Indian version of the website. It cannot be found even on the technical specs of the iPhone 4S ! Below is the screenshot comparison of the two websites.


Apple U.S. page



Apple India page


As you would have spotted, there is no Siri in the Indian page. Also keeping in mind the price tag and the response that the iPhone 4S is getting in India, it is very unlikely that Siri will support Indian accents anytime soon.

Play Angry Birds To Destroy Web Pages

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available right now. It has various versions, and is available for a variety of platforms. In this game, Users play as the angry birds seeking revenge on the pigs who stole their eggs. This is the plot in all the versions of the game but recently Nokia have come up with a different concept for this game which is total fun. Now the villain pigs will be hiding throughout the web page instead of their castles and you have to hunt them down. But beware, you may destroy the web page in the process ! 


To play just drag this Angry Birds bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Now open any website and click on the bookmarklet. You will see the familiar slingshot and the birds ready to take their revenge. Just use your mouse to strike the pigs and also see how the page elements are effected. This is really a good stress buster. Next time when you get bored, just hunt some bloody pigs down !

Check out Angry Birds Bookmarklet.


Create Colorful QR codes with Custom Logo For Your Website

QR codes have become very common these days as it is an effective way of promoting a brand name. This is really a popular technique and most of the big brands and websites use this to attract more target audience. Generally we see that the QR codes are black in color with a white background and there are a number of tools available to create a QR code. We have already told you how to make a QR code for your website. But now you can make a colorful QR code with a custom logo and custom colors which will give your code an amazing look to attract more target audience. This you can do for free by visiting this website called Unitag.


You just have to enter your website URL and you can select your QR code color gradient, backdrop and logo in just a few clicks. The custom logo option provided here is the best part. This will provide that ‘brand image’ to your organization. Here is the color QR code for Blogtechnika.


Things to remember before creating your QR code is that choose your color combinations wisely. Always use contrasting color for the light and dark areas. Also when you add a logo, make sure to check whether the code is working fine before deploying it because at times logos can make your QR code unreadable.

Dropout : A Desktop Search Tool for your USB Drive

Consider a scenario where you have a USB drive containing a large amount of files, you are looking for a particular file but cannot find it in the heap of files and folders. You cannot use the built-in Windows search as the files have not been indexed yet. Now instead of waiting for Windows to index your files for searching, what you can do is carry a desktop search utility called Dropout in the USB disk itself that knows everything about your existing files. The best thing is that you can use the search as soon as you plug in the drive.

This is a portable Windows search tool that requires no configuration or installation. Just copy the Dropout.exe file to your USB disk’s root folder and it will enable you to instantly search all the files in the current directory and also inside sub-folders. While running Dropout for the first time, it indexes the files inside a hidden folder in the USB drive itself so you don’t have to index the files again when you plug in the USB drive in another computer. Also the search index updates itself in an incremental manner whenever you run Dropout so your new files are automatically included in the index.

The great thing about this software is that it lets you enter full file names to search as in the built-in windows search. This is a very user friendly software and saves you a lot of time.

Download Dropout.