Mobogenie for Windows is the Android Phone Manager You Have Wanted All Along

Although we are all set to make a paradigm jump from using desktop PCs or Laptops to completely wireless and portable devices such as smart phones or tablets, there is always a situation or two where you have to turn your big bad PC on. And more than one occasion it is to transfer stuff from your PC to your handheld device. Although there are several methods to do this wireless such as over Wi-Fi, but most of these services either have a data cap or are simply not free. Hence, we fall back to a desktop manager. For iOS the ultimate desktop manager is iTunes, but for Android the question lingers on.

Enters MoboGenie

Yes, let the drums roll, let the smoke settle and all the pictures of a genie actually appearing before you get clear. Mobogenie is actually not far off from a real genie, but actually grants just one of your wishes. And that wish is to help you manage your Android smartphone. Although this wish is nothing short of spectacular and one we are sure not many genies can actually bring to life apart from Mobogenie.


So, to cut the dramatics, Mobogenie is an all in one desktop Manager for Windows that helps you manage your Android smartphone. The app is available for Windows and requires you to install it and connect your Android smartphone to Mobogenie. You must ensure your device has debugging on for MoboGenie to recognize your phone. The onscreen instructions are very clear, which definitely helps if you are a first time user. Not just this, there are several other features such as the ability to download apps, wallpapers, ringtones or backup and restore your device using Mobogenie. Where does the app lack and where does it standout? Let us jump in.

Where MoboGenie as a Desktop Manager Excels?

The best feature of Mobogenie without a doubt is the fact that the app supports a vast array of Android versions. Right from version 2.3 to the latest 4.3, we could use Mobogenie to manage our Android devices. This gives it a significant advantage over several in house desktop clients which have compatibility issues.


Mobogenie also brings to table plenty of free goodies such as apps, wallpapers, ringtones which are extremely handy as you do not have to jump all over the places to find these basic things. You can also backup your images, contacts, texts and other important things from your Android phone and restore them in case you wanted to switch phones or simply restore your Android device to factory settings.


You also have the option to edit or change the contacts as well as manage your text messages or send them using the desktop client that Mobogenie is. So, feature wise, there is no denying the fact that MoboGenie is one of the best all round desktop clients out there and the fact it is absolutely free is just an icing on the cake.

The Scope of Improvement

Although the app is great, there is always scope of things getting better. Mobogenie for all it’s awesomeness has not gone cross platform yet. Imagine if they could somehow come up Mobogenie that includes desktop client for your iPhone, Windows Phone as well as Blackberry! Yes wishful thinking on our part, but that would pretty much make the app the ultimate one.


Also, we had to connect and disconnect the device several times to get the app to recognize it. This is a major issue and it would be better if things were a lot smoother. The interface although has been updated and UX has been so much better since the app was updated, but still the image of the phone connected on the left is very hit and miss. Also, an Android app could be made which would help people backup the phone directly on the internal storage.


To cut the long story short, Mobogenie has amazing potential, but there is so much more that can be done to make this app an absolute champion and a must have on Windows Machine. Also, would have liked to have the same app running on our Mac OSX as well as Linux and Unix Computers. Till tat happens though, go ahead and download the application from here and enjoy backing up your Android device in a manner, that is easy, simple, reliable and free. You can also check out their website here.

LG Optimus G Pro Performance Benchmarks

Android devices come in all shapes and sizes. The latest trend is obviously having a phablet device that doubles up as a phone and a tablet. the market is littered with loads of them, but there are only a few that are cutting edge. Two of them that really run close to being crowned the best phablet on the planet are the Samsung Note II and the recently announced LG Optimus G Pro.

We have been using the device steadily over the past few days and we recently started a new section on Blogtechnika where we tested the benchmark scores of various devices. The first device to go through the test was the LG Nexus 4 here, and next in the cue is the phablet LG Optimus G Pro. Howe well does the device perform and score in the benchmark tests? Let’s dig in and find out:

Vellamo Test: Higher the score, better it is

Metal+HTML 5 scores compared

Screenshot_2013-07-15-00-16-51 Screenshot_2013-07-15-00-15-29 Screenshot_2013-07-15-00-15-12

CF Bench Scores: Higher the Bar Graph, better the performance


Antutu Bench: Probably the most famous benchmark test for Android devices. Again, higher the score, better it is.

Screenshot_2013-07-15-00-00-39 Screenshot_2013-07-15-00-00-24

Linpack Scores: Both the Single thread and multi thread tests were performed

Screenshot_2013-07-14-23-54-57 Screenshot_2013-07-14-23-54-51

Quadrant Benchmark: Simply the most famous benchmark test there is.

Note: The results of the Quadrant benchmark really varied, we even had scores as high as 9000 and as low as 6000 and as a result, the average was around the 7300 mark.


Overall, the performance of the Optimus G Pro was consistent, and although we expected higher scores than we got, but guess the scores do not tell the whole story. It comes down to experience with the device and that has been pretty good. We will be putting up the full review of the G Pro soon, so stay tuned for that.

You can check out a short clip of the tests being performed here:


Has the Budget iPhone Been Leaked?

Rumours have been adrift that a budget iPhone is coming. Everybody knows that one of the reasons that Samsung has been dominating the mobile industry as the biggest player is the fact that they have had a device for just about everyone, at every price range. Apple has always been a premium company and you can understand the high price of the iPhones.

Budget iPhone

However, it does look like Apple wants to increase it’s market capture and is set to roll out a budget iPhone as early as the WWDC on June 10th. The leak, if proved right, shows the device takes design cues from the iPhone 3G with a curved plastic back. The leaked image is not the finished model, so it makes sense if the device does not have the branding. The device has two distinct materials used in construction if it is indeed the real deal, a glossy back and a more rubberised sides.

iPhone Budget_2

Most of these leaks end up being fake, so we are not putting hopes high. However, it is clear from the image that the device will come with a Lightening connector if or when it does come keeping in line with the latest device from Apple. Only June 10th will answer if another iPhone will be launched especially for those who are looking at a budget iPhone. Dare we say, though, if that is indeed an official leak, the design looks top notch. We reiterate our readers to take this news with a pinch of salt though, cause there is no sure shot way of knowing ever what Apple is up to.

Via: Apple Insider


Samsung Launches Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 in India

Samsung smart phones just keeping like no tomorrow. There is literally a smart phone from the factories of Samsung at every prize point as well as size. If you have not been keeping track in the past few days, all these galaxy devices can be tougher to keep track than the galaxies in the universe. Okay, maybe not that hard either. But, you get the point. So keeping up the avalanche of devices, Samsung announced the Galaxy Mega 5.8 as well as 6.3 for Indian market in an event held at Chennai. As the name suggests, both the devices are in the phablet or the greater than 5 inch category. So let’s quickly run through both the devices and what do they offer.



(Image Via: NDTV)

Relatively speaking, the Galaxy Mega 5.8 is the smaller of the two devices. The display measures 5.8 inches diagonally and is of QHD resolution. The device is run by a dual core processor clocked at 1.4 Ghz, manufactured by Broadcomm and is the same one as that found on the Galaxy Grand. The device is a five point touch screen which is a bit of a bummer. It will come with the latest Android version 4.2.2 and will be powered by 2600 mAh battery. There is a 8 Mega Pixel camera on the rear of the device and a 1.9 MP front facing Camera. There is no NFC on board and the RAM is 1.5 GB. The internal memory is 8 GB with a slot for Micro SD expansion.

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 is the elder brother to the Mega 5.8 and has a Super Clear LCD display measuring 6.3 inches diagonally. The device will be powered by a 1.7 Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon processor. The device has the same 8 MP and 1.9 MP rear and front facing cameras as the Mega 5.8. Both the devices will ship like Air View, Multi Window etc as found on the Galaxy S IV. The Mega 6.3 has a 3200 mAh battery, which should be more than sufficient to get you through a couple of days easily. The phone will also have 16 GB of internal storage and 1.5 GB of RAM, which definitely makes the Mega 6.3 a very interesting device if you can get past the original huge form factor.

Fairly sure though, neither of these two devices will fit your regular size jeans pockets, so if you are interested in them, you need to either carry them in your hand or put them in a bag. Once you are done mentally preparing yourself, then comes the big fat cheque to buy them. The Mega 5.8 will set you back by Rs. 25,100 while the larger Mega 6.3 will wipe Rs. 31,490 off your pocket.

Will you be interested in picking either of these devices? Let us know in the section below.

Via: iGyaan

Samsung Galaxy S4 Already Outselling HTC One

If you were to hold an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy S IV at the same time, there is little doubt that it would be the HTC device that wil immediately impress you. the metallic body, the gorgeous display and an overall premium feel defeats the plastic of the SIV any day. But, if only just how good a device is or how well it performs was the key point on the checklist of what makes a successful device then the HTC One would have been a rockstar in terms of selling already. A very strong marketing effort by Samsung and an already established name in the market with resounding success in customer satisfaction meant that it will take a lot more than a top end smart phone to top Samsung, especially when the S IV in itself is a very capable device.

S4-vs- HTC One

This seems to be once again proving true as the Samsung flagship device the Galaxy S IV is already outselling the HTC One in a ratio of 2 is to 1. These figures are based on the early sales figures reported by Samsung, yet there is no official confirmation of the numbers sold by HTC. Although, this is a drastic improvement for HTC than last year when the Galaxy S III absolutely blew away the HTC One X. However, for such an maculate device that the HTC One is, this may seem like a defeat already. With a mass exodus being reported at HTC and the company in a free fall, you wonder if this was realistically the best chance for HTC to dethrone Samsung as the leading Android OEM out there. Seems like a distinct dream already if the early figures are to be believed.

You got to believe that the situation will not get any better for HTC either, especially because Samsung will continue to market their device like no tomorrow, while HTC have always been known to be a more subtle player which lets its products do the talking. Definitely this strategy does not seem to be working though, and if HTC have to establish itself back to the top, some radical changes are required in terms of their strategies, cause make no mistake, HTC One is the very best Android device out there.

Via: Redmondpie

Google Now Wins User Experience Award for 2013

User Experience Awards are held every year to pick the service with exceptional User Experience. The awards for 2013 were held in New York City on May 21st and the Grand Prize at UX Awards was bagged by Google Now. Google Now is a service by Google that browses through your web history and gives you useful information such as weather reports, stocks, traffic conditions and spots to visit nearby. Google Now was recently launched on iPhone too and as a result is now widely available. With a card style UI with Holo-esque theme and a simple swipe to cancel gesture, it is no surprise that Google Now was selected for the award.


Google has indeed done an incredible job with Google Now, and the voice assistant too built in is pretty much the best out there. All in all, the experience of using Google Now is not only incredible simple and smooth but also the learning curve is non existent. The app gets better as you use it and adds things based on your web search. You can easily get scores of your favorite teams, and get updated information as their matches progress.

On the panel of judges were some of distinguished members such as Robyn Peterson, the CTO of Mashable, Chris Jaffe, the Director of Product Innovation at Netflix among others. You can check out Google Now in a video below, and if you haven’t used the app, and own an iPhone or an Android device with ICS or above Android version, make sure to update your Google Search application.

Via: userexperienceawards

White Nexus 4 and Android 4.3 JellyBean Reportedly Coming on June 10th

It was to a disappointment of a lot of people when for perhaps the very first time Google I/O did not bring with it a new Android version or a new Nexus device. There were reports that, Google did plan to announce the next iteration of Android and a Nexus device but apparently pulled them back at the last moment cause they felt, maybe the two were just not ready enough. However, according to the latest reports, we may not have to wait for too long before we see the next Android update which is slated to be Android version 4.3 and named JellyBean and a long awaited white Nexus 4 device.


The folks at Androidandme have reported that they did catch one of the white Nexus 4 device in the wild at the Google I/O and the device which will be running the latest version of Android, 4.3, will be released on June 10th. This is indeed an interesting report given that Apple’s annual Developer’s Conference WWDC gets underway on the same date and we are more or less sure to see the next version of iOS, iOS 7 on the same day. Could it be that for the first time that next Android and iOS versions are launched on the same day? That would definitely make for an interesting story.

It is not really clear though what will be changes in the next Android version but the rumors are for a lighter and smarter with lesser power consumption, Bluetooth  Smart and few other minor tweaks. The price point or the release date of the white Nexus 4 is still unknown though most sources believe it would be around the $299 mark like the current Nexus 4.

Via: Android Guys

Image Source: Androidandme

Samsung Reportedly Testing 5G Mobile Network Technology

We have barely got our hands on 4G in India, and seems like we are already long behind the curve. In developing country like India, where 3G itself is a pretty big deal, and people barely know 4G exists, the news that certain carriers and smart phone manufacturers are already working on testing 5G is definitely worthy of being a Breaking.


However, that is exactly what is happening as Samsung has reported that it is already looking ahead to the future and successfully tested 5G which is capable of achieving downloads at a whopping 1 Gbps. In an era where mobile data is perhaps even more important than the ability of the device to make a phone call, 5G would be a cracker jacker of an addition. Although given how expensive unlimited 3G plans are in some of these developing countries, we do believe that the likes of 5G are more focussed towards the developed markets, the likes of United States and United United Kingdom where 4G is already a norm.

The test was carried out using 28 GHz waveband and 64 different antenna elements promised speeds as high as tens of Gbps but to the disappointment of everyone, they had to settle on just 1 Gbps. Those are mouth gaping figures and speeds. The 5G technology may still be far away from being released to the customers, but just the fact it is a work already in progress is a good news. To put things in perspective, on a good day we get about 10 Mbps down on 3G and about 75 Mbps on 4G, 1 Gbps is simply put, awesome.

Not just Samsung, other big players such as DoCoMo are also in the process of testing 5G and reportedly achieved a speed of about 10 Gbps using a car full of antenna using 400 Mhz spectrum.

We do not expect any device in near future to be branded a 5G phone but do not be surprised that Samsung leads the charge when the technology does become fully prevalent. Do let us know your views about this crazy news and if you would like your phone to run 5G.

Via: Redmondpie

Youtube Trend’s Map shows the Most Popular Videos in the US

Youtube is perhaps the best place to spend your free time after a tiring day at work. All the funny and viral videos on the site can be entertaining and a great way to burst the bubble of stress that work inevitably brings. However, it is a bit of a problem if you simply want to see the videos that are most popular at the current time. There is a trends tab on the top that gives you a fair idea which videos you would like to check out but what if you want a little more information?

Youtube Trends Maps

It does seem like Youtube is trying to solve this concern as it has launched a trends map for the United States today. What it does is that simply displays the hottest video in terms of gaining popularity in a particular region. This way you know which video is popular in your region and you can check that out and stay updated. There is no information if this feature would be coming to other countries but we are optimistic.

There is also a small thumbnail strip on the right hand side based on the screenshot which gives a little more information about the video. Although not the neatest UI, we believe this is very much a work in progress and a lot of improvements can be expected in the coming weeks. We will be keeping a keen eye on the progress of Youtube Trend’s map.

Via: TNW

HTC One Hammer and Scratch Test

HTC One is the darling device of the tech world at the moment. Despite numerous delays, one believes that HTC have finally come up with a phone, that not only the die hard fans of the Taiwan company deserves but also  a device that truly  represents everything HTC stands for.


The metal chassis of the device is one of the most talked about features, and the cold Aluminum feeling for a materials guy like me is pretty orgasmic. However, for those who doubt the solidity of the overall device or even the rigidity to stand against the brute force of nature, here is a scratch and hammer test performed on the HTC One by folks at PhoneBuff.

Here is the video:

You got to admit that the device stood pretty firm and did well against all the sharp stuff. Needless to say, you would obviously not be throwing a kitchen knife of banging hammers on a $900 device, but it does give a decent idea how the device would stand up against a slightly more rugged usage. And the performance of the device, only makes us recommend it more to all those who ask our opinions on the HTC One.

Let us know your views on the device and the results of the scratch test too in the section below.