Review: Mivi USB Type C to USB A 3.0 Braided Cable

It is no secret that the world is now moving towards USB Type-C connectors. While the Micro-USB port that we have come to love and appreciate on our Android phones is really convenient, it has its issues. It lacks versatility, it is not reversible and the connector is rather slow when it comes to read and write, in an age where we all are hungry for more and more speed. To cater to these requirements, we have moved on from Micro-USB points on phones to USB-Type C ports. These ports are one stop solution for charging your phones, playing music through them or even connecting multiple displays. 

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World’s Slimmest Smartphone announced as Gionee launches Elife S5.5 for Rs 22,999 in India

Gionee claimed that they have shipped out over 1 Million devices in India in last FY. Those are huge numbers especially for a player that is just entering into the market and is probably younger than the youngest cub. The company announced the Elife E7 in one of the most high profile media events at the Buddha International Circuit in December 2013 and it has certainly topped those in what is easily the biggest collective presence of the bloggers in the Indian space, with the Elife S5.5 launch.


The Gionee Elife S5.5 is the slimmest smartphone in the world, in what is a really reassuring glass and metallic finish. The device is 5.5 mm thin and comes in four colors inspired by the colors of famous locations around the world. The specifications of the device are as follows:

  • 5.0” Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Octa- Core 1.7GHz CPU
  • Single SIM
  • 13.0MP AF +5.0MP AF Camera 95 Degree Ultra-Wide Angle
  • AMIGO OS 2.0 (based on Android OS, V4.2)
  • Memory: 16GB+2GB
  • Ultra slim 145.1 x 70.2 x 5.55mm
  • GSM-850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • WCDMA-850/1900/2100MHz or 900/1900/2100MHz
  • 3.5 mm Earphone Jack
  • WIFI/GPS/BT4.0/FM/G-sensor
  • Non-removable 2300mAh Battery
  • OTG

The Gionee S5.5 will retail for Rs 22,999 and would be available in the coming months.

How to Backup your Android Smartphone with Mobogenie

Mobogenie is a Windows PC software that lets you connect your Android smartphone with your PC via USB. It works very much like traditional PC suites that came with Symbian devices. You get to create backups of your devices and restore them to an earlier point. What sets Mobogenie apart from the horde of PC Suites available is that it works with any device running Android 2.1 and above. Also, you can send text messages right from your PC. Not just this, add in stuff like free wallpapers, ringtones, apps and games and a YouTube Video Downloader and you have among the best PC Suites for your smartphone out there.

Mobogenie Dload

To backup your Android Smartphone just follow these steps.

  1. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device.

  2. Connect it to your PC via USB cable.

  3. Launch Mobogenie app after granting it with administrator rights on your Windows PC.

  4. Mobogenie will automatically download and install all the drivers it require, it may take some time, so be patient.

  5. Once Mobogenie is up and running, click on the icon of Backup.

  6. Select the stuff you want to back up, you have several options here.

  7. Hit backup and now wait patiently.

  8. Check back on your screen, your backup should be done.

Mobogenie lets you backup not just your phone contacts and text messages but also your apps, pictures, music files and videos. You can download Mobogenie from here

Radio Player Live: Must Have Extension For Chrome Lovers

If you like listening to Radio stations we have something you’ll love. Today’s chrome extension ‘Radio Player Live’ offers great radio listening experience to people who use Google Chrome as their browser.

Radio Player Live is an amazing tool to listen to international radio stations in the background while you’re working and the best part is you do this without having to open websites or any sort of applications.

You can add the Radio Player Live extension to your Google chrome by visiting here.

Simply click on the add to chrome button. After this process you’ll notice a blue icon left to your settings button in the address bar of Chrome. The blue icon turns green when you’re playing music.
Before you start listening to your favorite music stations, you’ll have to set some things up.


Click on the blue Radio Player Live icon and then click on options. You can add stations manually or via a list of predefined radio stations namely under the stations of gallery options where you get radio stations like Virgin radio, RTL,Fun Radio, Puls Radio and many more. You can also add stations by visiting,, etc, where you can simply add the radio station of your choice by click on the same blue Radio Player Live icon next to the stations name.

You can even manage your stations and change the appereance f the player from the options menu. The radio player is pretty minimalistic with Play/Stop button, the volume button along with the list of your stations.

For anyone who wants to listen to international radio stations while doing your work this extension is very handy. A must have for people who love music.

Chrome to Phone: Connect Your PC To Android easily

Chrome to phone is a chrome extension for users who use Android smartphones and tablets. Well, the popularity of Android system is not hidden from anyone and this extension is pretty handy for people who like send their contacts and links to their smartphone or tablet.

To use this extension first you have to get this extension from the chrome webstore and install the same application on your Android powered smartphone or tablet. The smartphone app is compatible with Android version 2.2 or higher and goes by the same name, chrome to beta.

Chrome to phone send information from your PC to phone quickly so that you can access them on the go. Such an extension is very useful to transfer maps quickly on your phone via your pc. You can even transfer the links of the stuff you are reading and can continue reading on the go. You can send YouTube links to your phone and it will be launched directly via the YouTube app. You can even select the phone numbers on your computer and it launches the dialer with the number pre-populated. Selected text on your browser is automatically copied on your Android clipboard and you can view it later.

You can download the extension here. All you need to do is to click on Add to chrome on the right side of your display and it will take care of the rest.
It is a very nice extension for people who want their pc content and links on the go.

Shopping Assistant- Shop the Smarter Way

Online shopping is probably one of the best part of internet. With the increase in the number of online retailers you have to do a bit of a research work before buying a product like checking prices at different retailers. To help you with this task a chrome extension steps in. Shopping assistant is an extension that helps you compare products on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers. It also has a price history feature exclusively for Amazon.

Shopping assistant is also compatible with firefox and opera. When you search for a product on an online retailer website, shopping assistant automatically show you similar products on eBay and Amazon. In this way shopping assistant saves you the labor of searching every retailer before you buy a product.

Currently Shopping assistant is available for merchant websites of countries likeUnited States,Canada,United Kingdom,China,France,GermanyandItaly.

To install this extension visit this link

Google chrome users can click on Add to Chrome button on the top right corner. You can select your country from the options menu, United State is selected as default. Shopping assistant comes as a small dock toolbar at the bottom of your page with a search button where you can search for the product and 3 default buttons for Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Shopping assistant is an amazing extension for people who do a lot of online purchasing and want to save their time by checking out various webpage and retailers.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Sony Xperia NXT Family

Ever since the announcement of Sony’s ambitious Xperia S at CES 2012, Sony is working hard to constantly add some more devices to its Xperia NXT family or Xperia 2012 line up. So far Sony has brought 4 devices under the NXT series Xperia S, Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia Sola.

Xperia S was the first one to be announced in January and is the flagship device of the company. The Xperia S features a 1.5 GHz Dual core Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon processor along with 1GB of RAM. The phone also has 4.3 inch display along with a resolution of 1280×720 generating 342 ppi, the highest on any Smartphone. It has a 12MP camera, capable of recording full HD video and front facing camera of 1.3 MP capable of 720p video recording. The device has 32GB internal storage with along NFC. Sadly, the phone comes with Android 2.3.7 but it upgradeable to Android 4.0. The device has a 1750 mAh battery.

Xperia P and Xperia U were the next to be announced at MWC Barcelona. Both these devices feature a 1GHz Dual core processor but Xperia P has a bigger display with 4.0 inch screen and 540×960 pixels while Xperia U has 3.5 inch screen with 480 x 854 pixels. Xperia P also features Sony’s white magic display for better viewing in sunlight while Xperia U has the Bravia mobile engine for sharp and vivid colors. While the 8MP camera on Xperia P can record in full HD, the camera on Xperis U is 5MP and can record in 720p. Xperia P and Xperia U have 1305 and 1320 mAh battery respectively. They have internal storage of 16GB and 4GB with no micro sd card slot.

The latest announced Xperia Sola is the final addition to the Xperia NXT line-up. It has a 1 GHz Dual core NovaThor U8500 CPU with 512 MB of RAM. The phone has a 5MP camera capable of 720p recording. The display on Xperia Sola is 3.7 inch with 480 x 854 pixels and Sony’s floating touch technology which allows you to browse web pages without touching the phone. It has 8GB memory along with micro-sd card slot which is expandable to 32 GB. It has a battery of 1320 mAh.

The Xperia NXT series has devices for almost all types of users. It allows people to choose between 4 different devices which suits their pockets and requirements.

Chrome Extension: Offline Google mail

As the name suggests, offline Google mail is a chrome extension that allows you to access your Gmail account when you are offline. Such an extension is pretty handy for people who travel a lot and are unable to access internet on the go. It is a perfect alternative to Microsoft outlook.

The extension allows you to create and read emails and your Gmail account is automatically synced whenever you connect to the internet i.e. your sent and received mails are updated. With the extension you can easily delete your emails, add mails to folders, star you mails.

To add offline Google mail to your Google chrome browser follow this link

Click on Add to chrome on the top left corner and click on install and leave the rest to your browser.

When you open offline Google mail for the first time, it will ask you to choose if you want offline access to your mails or not. Choose whatever you like and you are good to go. The settings button on the top left corner allows you to change basic settings such as the amount of mails download from the past days. You can download as many as 1 month old emails. There is a search bar on the top which of course is to search your mails.  You can also sign into multiple accounts with and simultaneously sign out from all of them.

Overall, the extension is pretty useful and easy to use. It has a minimalist design and is a must have for anyone who wants to read emails on the go.

Adblock Plus: Block All Ads On Google Chrome

When we talk about Chrome extension this is probably the most popular one. Adblock Plus, as the name suggest is a chrome extension to block unnecessary ads and pop-ups on your browser. While some say blocking ads is like killing the idea of a free web, I feel it’s more of a personal choice. If you simply cannot stand advertisements in the middle of your work, you can count on Adblock Plus to take care of advertisements.

To add Adblock Plus on your Google chrome click on the following link.

Google Chrome Web Store

Just click on Add to Chrome button on the top left corner and leave the rest to Google chrome. It will take a couple of seconds to install the extension on your browser.

After installing you can change the settings of the extension if you want to. For this, you must go to Tool à Extension. You’ll find a list of all the extensions installed on your browser; from here you can select Adblock and click on options. You can also Enable or Disable the extension as per your wish.

The options menu is pretty simple. You can white list some of the web pages by adding their domain. You can also ad your filters and play around some other options like enabling or disabling inline text ads. To uninstall the extension you can simple click on the remove button. Overall, Adblock Plus is a simple, neat and the best extension to block online advertisements.

Pandora Helps You Stream Your Favorite Music

Pandora is probably one of the biggest names when it comes to music streaming. So basically it is for online music streaming i.e. it recommends you music. What’s good about Pandora is its simplicity and ease of use. Pandora focuses on user and connects him to music. All you need is a song you like and leave the rest to Pandora. It creates a station consisting of artist and uses the information to suggest you related songs or songs from same genre.

In your profile you have your likes, bookmarks and artist you are following which is pretty much everything you’ll need. There is a thumbs up/ thumbs down feature to let Pandora know what you like based on which new songs are added to your playlist. If you’re a free user you get 40 hours of music per month and you can only skip 12 stations in a day, which is a bit disappointing for people who love to skip music they don’t like.
However, there is a $36 yearly subscription for unlimited music streaming.

The bet part is that the lyrics and album cover of the song is included in Pandora. You can share your music, follow people and check what they like too.

There are no advertisements and the interface is kept minimalist. To get started all you need to do is register yourself. We will recommend it to everyone who loves music and wants to explore more music. The recommendations by Pandora are pretty much on target. You’ll find a lot of stuff on Pandora which isn’t found easily on the internet.
The only problem with Pandora is that it is only available for people living in US. So if you reside outside the US, Pandora will not work for you.

We’ll give it a 4.5 on 5 for lack of clutter, not so expensive plans and good music recommendations.

Pandora for Chrome can be downloaded here