Discovering leadership style by assessing the choices of meal

I am not a big foodie, neither do I write a lot about food or related stuff. However, this blog is about something that is unique and unheard of! And you can very well guess that it is about something related to food. I was invited to an HR summit organised in the city by one of the leading meal benefit solutions brand, Sodexo. The reason for asking me to attend the event? Sodexo had come up with a unique concept of discovering leadership style, and boy, it reassured me about mine. The company had infused AR with a MultiTactio table, which lets users discover their leadership style by choosing different dishes from the available options.

I am sure you’d be intrigued to know more! So was I, and hence my decision to visit the event. The technology though sounds a bit complicated and unimaginable, is very easy to use. The centrepiece of this technology was MultiTaction table, which was a huge display (like a LED panel) that was touch responsive and had the UI of that helps managers/directors discover their leadership styles. It’s actually a nifty piece of tech that works soon after you swipe your Sodexo meal benefits card. After doing so, the intuitive UI directs you to a virtual menu that further lets you decide the components of your meal.

You get to choose dishes from starters, mains and desserts along with refreshment drinks – and doing so can help you decode your leadership style! Who’d have thought of a day like this, when you could understand more about your leadership traits by delving deeper in your eating choices and preferences. Any how I was excited to test this myself and see how well I know myself! Having doubts initially, the technology did not disappoint in processing and making the correct assessment.

Besides this, the company also introduced its newest, technologically advanced meal card that can be customised as per your needs. The card assures the data security due to chosen loop networks. The card improves the purchasing power of the employees, helps them in tax saving up to Rs. 12000/- per annum and increases their sense of belonging and productivity.  The high tech card can also be personalised according to the user and has the PIN access to add another layer of security. It is accepted across large food chains and local grocery stores with added value deals and discounts to make their users worth their experience.

Microsoft launched a consumer awareness initiative – #BeCyberSafe

A number of times we see people across geographies indulging in business transactions. When the distance becomes an issue, IT comes to the rescue, and that is exactly what happened in a recently released video by Microsoft.

Two individuals from different parts of the country collaborate for a business deal but end up being a victim of cyber crime. Who should be blamed for the same? Neither was ready to take the responsibility because the reason was sheer ignorance on their parts. In this case, ignorance is not bliss but a blunder!

Friendly relations between the two partners turn bitter when the blame game over an online transaction started. They did not take the required precautions while making the transaction. Right from checking the padlock to updating software from time to time, readiness to combat cyber threats is what is required. We often regret when the damage is done. Let’s try to become the technophiles who are more aware and stop neglecting software updates. Cutting across geographies, Microsoft’s creative depiction gives a strong message to make the end user cautious while making online transactions and proactively take charge of their digital assets before the hackers make them their own! So before the day closes,  do update your systems and stay safe in the cyberspace.


Check Out Augmented Reality App Blippar

In 2011, two friends sitting in a pub in UK, joking about Queen’s image coming to life off a 20 pounds note. This idea gave birth to World’s leading image recognition augmented reality app known as Blippar. Users can engage with brands, publications and celebrities using augmented reality technology on phones. Using this app is easy, you have to download the Blippar app on your mobile phone (Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms supported). After downloading the app, user need to focus their mobile on blippable products, and when the app completes scanning, the image will come into life. You can do many activities like play games, listen to music, change the music tracks, see objects in 3D, and many more.



For example, in the below image, the card in the left is Blipper card having some text written on it. When you blip the card using blippar app in your mobile phone, the card will come alive and you can see many options on it (live card shown in right). Now when you tab the rocket button on your mobile phone, you’ll play game on your screen. Similarly, you can play music, take pictures, share it on social media, check products in 3D. Amazing, isn’t it.


Blippar is investing heavy on Google Glass because their goal is to be the default augmented reality application on all the devices and wearables with a camera lens. They also launched Blippar games for Glass platform, a gaming experience enabling users to bring their world to digital life and interact with it in meaningful ways.

Blippar recently launched in India because they see enormous potntial in India and rest of the Asia. The company’s ambition is to become a next gen visual browser.They are also expanding their partnership across multinational brands, agencies and operators.

Check out [ Blippar on Android and iOS.]

These DareDevil Kids Are Bending iPhone 6 Plus in Apple Store

After infamous Apple’s Bendgate controversy, Apple admitted that only 9 iPhone users were reported “bend” phone issues so far. But, instead of Apple’s explanation, new videos surface regularly which proves that there are more number of devices bending than company admitted. In the new addition of bending controversy, two kids made a daring (or stupid) video for YouTube viewers in which they showed how they bent the iPhone 6 Plus with bare hands.

This bending event happened on some store in UK. A kid bent the phone so that the screen came out from the phone’s chasis. Check out the video:

[via CultofMac].

Check Out Fast Wireless Printer DCP-J105 InkBenefit

When you think to buy printer these days, the first thing comes to your mind is whether that printer would be cost saving or not. The other important things while selecting a good printer is how fast it is, whether it is wireless or not, mobile printing capabilities, ease of use etc. Brother DCP-J105 is one such printer which is loaded with plenty of such features. It makes your printing job easier and it comes with some seriously good features.

There is a 2,400^ page-yield cartridges system that comes with INR 530 only. The main feature of these cartridges are they use less ink and saves users money. You can also replace individual colour only when required to avoid unnecessary wastage. Replacement of cartridges are easier and convenient job in this printer.



The main features of this printer are Wireless support and Mobile printing. You can easily connect your computer or mobile phone to this printer and take print wirelessly. Convenient, isn’t it.  This printer is optimized for undisrupted high volume and fast printing. These features saves your time and makes you more productive.

Lamination Technology allows the use of stainless steel elements for lamination of the print head. This protects the print head from corrosion, giving it a longer life span. With Piezo Technology that delivers a safer and lower temperature operation, the print head wears out less easily. This minimizes repair and replacement costs, and translates into valuable savings for users.

The cost of this printer is INR 10990.

Here are the overview of features:

Copy Resolution: Scan (Maximum) 1200 x 1200 dpi, N-in-1

Function: Compress 2 or 4 Pages on to a Single Sheet (Including ID Copy),

Network Protocols (ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA (Auto IP),

WINS/Net BIOS Name Resolution,

DNS Resolver, mDNS,

LLMNR Responder,


Custom Raw Port/Port 9100,

Web Services (Print/Scan)),

Power Consumption: Copying Mode – 16 W, Ready Mode – 2.5 W, Off – 0.2 W,

Paper Handling Sizes: Photo 4 x 6 inch (102 x 152 mm), Index Card (127 x 203 mm), Photo-2L (127 x 178 mm),

Scan to Feature (Email, Image, File),

Poster Printing,

Copy Enhancement,

Network Management Tool,

Lamination and Piezo Technology,

Low Running Costs,

Free iPrint and Scan App.

iPhone 6 India Launch Date is September 26 [Update: It’s October 17th Now]

The most anticipated device of 2014, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have just launched by Apple. The device will be available in US and other 8 countries on September 19th, 2014. India launch is not far behind. On Apple India page it is clearly mentioned that the phone is launching on September 26, just within few days after US launch.




On Apple India page it is mentioned that both the phones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6) will be available. You may get these phones on contract basis with Airtel and Aircel network providers. It is still not clear that the phones will be available through contract basis only or we can see independent sale like we’ve seen in past.
It will be interesting to see the pricing of these phones. If Apple would like to keep the same pricing as we saw for iPhone 5s, then the most probable pricing for these phones will be following:

iPhone 6 (16 GB) – INR 53000.
iPhone 6 Plus (16 GB) ~ INR 60000.

Note: Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus price is not official yet. The above pricing is based on assumption.

Update: From the just updated Apple India website, we came to know that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in India from 17th Of October, 2014.

How to Turn Off BlinkFeed in latest HTC Sense 5.5

BlinkFeed is a nice way to keep yourself updated with latest happenings all around the world. It came embedded with HTC Sense 5. With the help of BlinkFeed you can customize your phone home screen by adding news sources and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This new feature also became one of the most irritating feature to users who don’t want news on home page. And HTC gave no option to turn off this feature. To turn off, you can only change launcher of your phone, but that completely change the feel of HTC phone.

To solve this problem, HTC brings Sense 5.5, which is coming in latest HTC One Max phone. By going to home screen overview page, you can easily turn it off.

  • You need to pinch your fingers on screen.
  • A home screen overview will appear. You can see BlinkFeed On/Off button on left top.
  • By using this button you can easily turn off or turn on the feature.

Here is a nice video by Android Central describing the procedure:

[via AndroidCentral].

Get Ready For Colourful Versions of Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung recently launched Galaxy S4 Mini phone worldwide. With low cost and lots of amazing features and specs (1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch qHD display, and 1.5 GB of RAM), this phone is one of the coolest product from Samsung. To add more value to this product Samsung is ready to bring it in various colours option. Right now the phone is available in black and white models but in future you’ll see more colours like blue, red, and brown.


According to reports, the new colours are known as Scarlet Dawn, Bronze Autumn, and Blue Iceberg. The new colour version will be available with the same specs and well known Android 4.2.2 version. However, release date is still not known. We expect it to hit the market soon because there is a tough competition going on between Samsung and HTC (which recently announced HTC One mini phone).


Above is the leaked picture of coloured version of Galaxy S4 Mini phone which is leaked by website.


How to Install Flash on Android Mobile

How many times you went to some video site on your Android mobile phone and you get the notification to install flash to see the video. Recently Adobe ended their support with Android and right now, Adobe flash is not available on Google Play. This is a huge disappointment for those who love watching videos on mobile devices specially in tablets.

To overcome this issue, there is a work around. Older version of Adobe flash for mobile is present on many websites to download. All you need to do is download the file and install it in your mobile. Here’s a link to download Android Flash Player APK file. But before downloading the file make sure you check the “Unknown sources” option in your mobile security settings.

To check the option, go to Settings –> Security. Here you’ll find “Unknown sources” option. Check the box next to it.


Now tap on downloaded Adobe Flash Player file to install it on your mobile device.


Once installed, you can run Adobe flash media on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, Google Chrome doesn’t support Adobe Flash in Chrome. So you need to move to either Firefox browser, or Dolphin browser to use the feature. After downloading the Firefox browser, don’t forget to enable the plugins. To do this, go to Settings –> Plugins and select Enabled. That’s it. You’ll be able to play Flash media on your phone without any hassle.