The Latest Leak Suggests that Motorola Moto G (4th Gen) Will be the Biggest Upgrade to Motorola Moto G Phones

Post the takeover by Lenovo, there have been long question marks hanging over Motorola’s future. In fact, it was made clear earlier in the year that the Moto branding altogether will be ditched for the phones in the budget range and only be used for high-end flagship phones which sure shot will also ship with fingerprint scanners. However, it looks like Lenovo has decided to move the boundaries a bit as far as defining high-end phones go.

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Download your Favourite Android Games with Mobogenie

Android games can be addictive as well as challenging. Some of the most popular titles are very simple games that are easy to play and difficult to master.


However, many of these games launched on the playstore encounter some issues due to large fragmentation in the ecosystem and thousands of devices running different hardwares. Therefore, the developers need to constantly launch bug fixing updates. At other times, the updates bring new levels and features to the desk. So when an update is launched, one is tempted to download the latest version but with the high mobile carrier charges it is not practical to update a game everytime using mobile data.

Mobogenie is a PC Suite for all android smartphone running Android 2.1+ that lets you use your PC’s broadband connection to download games and apps to your smartphone. All you have to do is download Mobogenie and run it on your PC. Connect your smartphone with USB debugging enabled and Mobogenie does the rest.

To download your favourite games, click the games tab on top bar of Mobogenie’s interface. The games are arranged categorically. Click install on the game you wish to install.

The game will be downloaded and installed on your smartphone without any interaction of the user with the device. Once downloaded and installed you can simply pull out the USB cable and enjoy your favourite games you recently downloaded.

The Story Of Ever Increasing E-Mails And How To Guard Against It

The world sends nearly 2.9 million e-mails every second.

Earlier when we wanted to set up a meeting, ask for help and advice or share something we would just pick up the phone, send a letter or meet up. But today communication has become extremely easy and friction free. You can send a message from anywhere in the world at any time of the day at the click of a button. The ever increasing social networking sites keeps us informed about the minutest details and what our friends did minutes ago. The Internet has given us immense power of instant communication across continents and we love it. But lately this very easy method of communicating via email has been causing problem. It’s a common problem nowadays. We are buried under loads and loads of emails. Email volume is getting worse by the day. It’s easier to create an email than to reply an email. This is where the problem lies. We don’t have time to reply to mails and it’s worse if you have to answer it after going to a link embedded in it.

So respect your recipients time and remember that emails take time to process. Always give a subject that clearly describes the topic. The body should be short and the first line should strike the main topic. Time is of essence and you would never want your mails to go unread. We should also avoid open ended questions.

Always avoid excessive CC’s. Every recipient you add increases the response time.

Don’t attach unnecessary files in bulk and avoid images. Send text in the body rather than going for attachments like word or excel.

Avoid unnecessary responses. Remember the less mails you send, the less you receive. So send wisely. Whenever you are on the Internet be alert as to how many places you go about spilling your details and email address.

So hope you will keep these points in mind. Happy emailing.

Get The Most Out Of Your Mac With These Softwares

We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that now is probably a very good time to consider purchasing a Mac. The raw power in store with latest intel processors, super fast USB 3 and thunderbolt ports and a shiny new OS to boot make the most desirable series of computers all the more irresistible. And of course the new stunning retina display is dragging people to stores like never before.

But after you get over the part where you just can’t stop gazing and taking pride on the gorgeous and sleek looks of the device you need to start the work part.

If you are planning on watching some movies on your Mac then you need something more than the built in quick time software. Download Perian, a software which supports more than 30 music and movie formats. You can also go for the popular VLC or MPlayer OS X Players which are free and extremely user friendly too.

For better downloads get the one called Transmission, a torrent client available for Mac. It has a quality interface and is quite easy to use.

It’s rare to find software on windows that doesn’t have a Mac equivalent. But for those remote and rare ones you can install windows on your Mac via the built in boot camp software. You have to  restart if you want to switch. But if you are willing to cough up some cash then we would recommend the Parallels Desktop 7 which let you get the best of both. You can use windows while you’re still within the Mac OS X.

Browsers selection is something that comes down to personal liking and preference. You can get the Chrome, Opera or Firefox as a substitute to sometimes malfunctioning Safari.

If you have serious office works then it’s better if you get a pack of Microsoft office for Mac. It is a life saver.

For video and music editing get Handbrake. It let’s you convert digital files into different resolutions and formats and also has a string of presets for known devices. You can also get Audacity and Avidemux for audio and video editing respectively.

We hope the list helps you to make your Mac experience better. You can find some of these softwares either in the Application store or on the internet. We have purposely not attached links to the softwares to prevent any kind of piracy.

Watch Any Video On Your iPhone/iPad With Oplayer

We have always wanted devices which have appreciable screen size because we love to watch videos and play games and having a large screen enhances the experience. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just transfer our favourite videos and movies from our PC’s to our phone so that we can watch them whenever we want? The answer’s probably an emphatic yes. But phones are quite choosy about the file format they play and the application that can help play them. So we have found out an absolutely brilliant solution for you in the form of Oplayer.

OPlayer is the latest addition to this new trend, and provides superb playback quality of all your digital video files in a quick, easy and attractive package. Natively the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad only accepts MP4 videos, and even then they must meet a very particular specification. If the audio sampling rate is even slightly different to what Apple insisted upon, the video wouldn’t work.

So being able to drag and drop most any computer-format video file into the iPhone, and immediately watch it, feels like a kingly gift after several years of tedious format conversions and battles with iTunes.

OPlayer accepts a host of well-used video file types, such as AVI, WMV, Xvid, Divx, MP4, MPG, MKV and more, and is just as happy to play your audio files in the MP3, WMA, RM or AAC formats. None of these files need any kind of conversion to play on the iPhone or iPad, and all are handled quickly and smoothly. With an iPad though this app gets even better giving you an amazing video experience.

What’s so unique and awesome is the fact that this app can even comfortably overlay subtitles on the video playback which can be part of a container file (such as MKV), included automatically by giving the subs file the same name as the video file, or loaded in manually from an external SUB or SRT file.

Playback of files is immensely convenient, resembling the native YouTube application in many respects, while adding in a few important features to help you keep your files organised. Primarily this includes the methods used to move videos to and from the app, which can be done through iTunes’ file sharing function using a simple, and fast, drag and drop.

Streaming is supported over HTTP, while FTP and SAMBA sharing is also included should you want to drag files off a suitably equipped server or a computer. And should you wish to move files over to the device wirelessly, a web client is included allowing you to send video over Wi-Fi in either direction.

A playlist function is available for both video and audio, and you can create custom lists of websites, servers or other sources you’re likely to call upon regularly for bringing in the content. All this might sound a bit complex in description, but that’s not something OPlayer is easily accused of. Ignoring any of the transfer protocols that many people won’t use anyway, this is a very simple and impressively efficient app to use. We tell you how to go about using this wonder app.

How do I put files into OPlayer HD? 
To add files to your OPlayer HD app, you have to go to iTunes, and select the “Apps” tab. At the bottom of this page, there’s a “File sharing” section – just select OPlayer HD in the list, and add files from there. Note that you don’t have to sync your iPhone or iPad to iTunes to add movies. Just drop files in the “File sharing” tab, and they’ll be uploaded immediately. You can even use a friend’s iTunes to add videos to your own iPhone. Also, adding files over WiFi is supported. Indeed, WiFi is significantly slower than USB, and ruins the battery life.

What kind of streams does OPlayer HD play?
OPlayer HD is able to play RTSP/MMS/FTP/SAMBA streams, If you want to use OPlayer HD to open the streaming from your website, add “oplayer:” prefix in the URL.

Can I open an attachment from mail app with OPlayer HD?
If you want to watch an attachment in OPlayer HD(from Mail for example), just do a long press on the attachment. A menu will pop-up that will let you pick OPlayer HD as a player.

Will iTunes not see the files under OPlayer HD?
You need to enable backup in the settings page to see files in iTunes.

Why HD MKV movies don’t play smoothly?
Currently, only iPad 2 supports 720p MKV file, that’s to be expected. The other iDevices have limited computing power, and cannot handle the complex task of decoding HD movies in real time.

The audio and the video is not in sync?
That is because the CPU is not powerful enough to do video decoding, you can try to enable “Skip Frame” in the file detail page.

Is there a TV-out support?
Yep, but TV-out function only supported by iPod gen4, iPhone4, iPhone4S and iPad 1/2.

The features are all there if you really need them, but for quickly filling up your device with videos to watch when and where you want, OPlayer delivers everything you need within a few button presses.

Apple should have included an app like this in the iPhone’s firmware, but OPlayer more than earns its £1.79 by cutting out the tedious MP4 file conversions alone. This is a Bundle all its other great features in, and you’ve got a first class app that would be a bargain at twice the price. We would say it’s a must have super app.

iTunes App Links:

Here and Here 


Go Crazy And Rule The Street With Highway Rider for iPhone

Genres: Action | Arcade| Entertainment
Size: 36.6 MB

Developer: BatteryAcid Games

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Speed junkies, brace up your helmets and experience some high-octane action! Be stupidly irresponsible by breaking all your bones with Highway Rider. The game play is simple. Use the motion sensors to control your speed monster.

– Tilt to Steer your Bike
– Drive Close to Vehicles to Score
– Embrace the High Speeds!

From Highway Rider’s title screen, we’ve got the option to Customize, which allows you to change your rider’s attire (choose from 10 presets) and select your motorcycle colour (five in total). There’s also the option to view Leaderboards, in conjunction with Apple’s GameCenter. In Highway Rider, you tilt to steer left and right, while tapping the screen unleashes a taunt. That’s your lot. Nice and simple.

In Highway Rider, being daring and passing close to vehicles increases your speed and your score. Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashing hurts. You can Battle head to head online to test your riding skills – weave through traffic against international opponents. Earn achievements by doing bodily harm, and then collect pictures of your crushing accidents. Customize your own rider to give them a personal touch.

This game wants you to remain on the edge of a cliff by rewarding you only if you take risks. Zoom down the open highway and try to pass closely without crashing. How many close calls can you get determines your score. Don’t get tempted and move too close to the traffic. Judge your speed and improvise skillfully to zoom past the vehicles and increase the score. Accidents can be pretty severe and the amount of damage is quite clearly shown which might be disturbing. But the rider is determined to do well and rises from the dead every time, even if not a single bone in his body is intact. You can also use nitrous boost during the game.

There’s a modest handful of vehicles to avoid, namely big white trucks and cars (red, green and blue). Oh, and the occasional set of roadworks. Both cars and trucks are polite enough to indicate whenever they’re changing lane (there are only two), so they’re pretty easy to avoid. Indeed, you don’t actually have to get that close for a close call. It’s odd that there’s no incentive to chain close calls together. Usually in these things there’s a time limit for combos, but not so here. You can go five minutes with no close calls at all, if you like.

The App Store blurb suggests we might soon see a Police Outrun Mode and Road Rash-style racing with punches and kicks. Like! The framework is there for a really good game.


  • It’s free
  • Looks decent enough in terms of graphics
  • Simple Game Play
  • Easy on the eye UI
  • GameCenter achievements and leaderboards

The name of the game is to drive quite close to cars and trucks. But the problem is there is nothing that will reward you for going the longer distance. Even if you manage to avoid the traffic for a long time your score remains the same. That’s discouraging. You have to move past vehicles close enough to get the score running. If you move past them with a fair amount of distance when you move past them its of no use.

Summary: Despite being utterly devoid of depth, Highway Rider is quite enjoyable. And it’s free. Check it out. What’s the worst that could happen?

Price: free @ App Store


Unblock Me: A Challenging Game For All Ages For iPhone


Category: Games

Updated: Jan 30, 2012

Version: 1.3.3

Size: 18.0 MB

This iOS application is compatible with all Devices.

Unblock Me is probably the most simple and yet one of the most addictive and top class puzzle games ever. It doesn’t get simpler than this. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Move blocks of wood around a board so the red block has a clear path to move along the right side. Unblock Me comes with 4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 9000 puzzles in total worth hours of playing to keep you challenged.

Feature of the game are as follows:
? 4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert
? 9000 puzzles in total for you to enjoy
? Two game modes, Relax Mode and Challenge Mode
? Ranking system to keep you more challenged
? Keep track of all the puzzles you’ve cleared
? Hint system that will guide you through the puzzle
? Undo system
? Unlock the achievements

Unblock Me is OpenFeint Enabled. This application also supports GameCenter feature for achievements and leaderboards..

iPhone really excels at puzzle games, which is only a problem when we look for a new game and face all the possibilities. We’ll save you some time: Download Unblock Me. Each of the four difficulty levels — from beginner to expert — has 600 game options. These aren’t just cheap levels to stagger you with their number, either. Each one is a devious puzzle.

Unblock Me offers two game modes. Relax Mode lets you play the game for fun while Challenge tracks how many moves you make, letting you attempt to best your high score. It also rates your play from one to three stars on how well you solved the puzzle. Unblock Me is one of those games that, if a friend recommended it to you, you’d say was too simple. But once you start to play, you find yourself craving the sound of wood blocks clicking into place.

The only downside to the game is the frustration as you move to the higher ranks.  But, if you’re looking for a puzzle game, frustration is part of the experience and you feel like a winner if you get over that frustration and manage to solve the puzzle by successfully sliding the red bar away in style. Unblock Me, quite simply, does everything right.

Download Link For the game here.


Be A Coin Collecting Bully With Angry Gran For iOS And Android

This iOS application is compatible with all Devices.

Genres: Entertainment |Arcade| Adventure

Size: 19.66 MB

If you are looking for a straight-forward, not so time consuming game Angry Gran, available for Free on iPhone, iPad and Android, is simple yet a lot of fun game.

AceViralcom has already given us Bike Mania Pack 1, and now are delivering another great Entertainment & Arcade game app on the two most popular app stores.
Angry Gran is angry and needs money! Whack your enemies ruthlessly until the cash comes flying out.
With a wide and crazy assortment of weapons including an inflatable hammer, a baguette and a rubber chicken etc, madness is sure to follow.

Originated as a flash game, a creative concept with a granny as the main character, who is equipped with newspapers, skateboards, stop signs etc. as weapons, beats up people on the street to gain some coins for retirement spending and adding to her pension.

One single control to look around, tap the screen and hold to gain power, then release to perform the hit. Depending on the power used, you gain a varied amount of coin. You can also collect pension funds, which automatically accumulates after a certain period of time.

The game speeds up after every checkpoint, in the form that old granny walks faster which is quite hilarious. This gives you less time to charge your attack and higher chance to hit yourself or even miss targets. When you do so it leads to a wheelchair and loss of time as during this time granny rolls on a wheelchair and is like a sitting duck and cannot attack anyone. It is harder to accumulate enough coins before hitting a checkpoint. You should avoid hitting the cops unless you collect some extra items like bribe tickets.

With the money earned, you could upgrade your skills: Strength – charge attack faster, Discount – reduce money needed to pass a checkpoint, the most important tip we’d give is to recover fast if you hit yourself. You can also purchase new weapons that add different perks for the granny. Boosts are available each round to assist you in the run, and you can upgrade your pension plan to collect more money every hour.

The background music and graphics are adorable. Game starts simple but gets challenging after a couple checkpoints. There is a neat and clean approach to the gameplay.

The ads might bother you at times. You should position your tapping finger on a part of screen so that nothing is blocked from your sight. Your tapping and release to perform the hit is all that matters. So you have to be fast and know when it is best to strike the killer blow to get maximum coins.

We found it definitely worth a try because there is nothing to lose with this simple yet funny game.

Google Play Store Download Link: Here

iTunes Store Download Link: Here


Make Your Own Ringtones With Ringtone Maker For iPhone

600,000+ free ringtones on your fingertips and an extremely easy way to create your own custom tones. This is what this awesome app is about.

We always have those special parts in the songs which we love and we like to listen to them again and again. But getting a ringtone with the lines we want is difficult. Even with lots of ringtones doing the circles it may get tough to get our hands on the one we want. So no more frantic searches  over the net. From your own stock of songs in iPod you can trim the part you want and set it as your ringtone.

Using it is very easy and the interface is neat. You need to just drag the bars provided and set the starting and end points of the ringtone from the entire track you have selected. The length varies according to the use- ringtone, text tone or email tone.

The following you can customize:

  • Ringtone (default and for each contact)
  • Text tone (default and for each contact)
  • New voice mail alert
  • New mail alert
  • Calendar alert
  • Reminder alert

Various Features of the Application are:

  • Make your own ringtone with music from iPod Library or recorder.
  • More than 600.000+ quality ringtones for free.
  • Browse ringtones by Feature, Most Downloaded, Most Commented, Top Rate, New & Popular or Newest.
  • Search ringtones: enter name of ringtones you want to search them.
  • TIP: Add “sms” term to search tone for text, new mail, …
  • Browse ringtones by 31 categories: Sound Effects, Holiday, Children, Comedy, Pets & Animal, Sayings, …
  • Download unlimited ringtones (resume support).
  • Preview ringtones before download them.

You must keep the following two points in mind

1. To customize text tone, new mail alert etc you must upgrade your device to iOS 5.

2. Ringtones 600.000+ allows you download ringtones to your iPhone, but you need to sync with iTunes to get the ringtones into the Settings section of your iPhone. Don’t worry. It’s quick and easy. We tell you how to do it.

I. Change Preferences in iTunes.

II. Load Custom Ringtones into iPhone

  • Connect you iPhone with iTunes and select you iPhone on the left panel.
  • Click “Apps” Tab.
  • Scroll down to “File Sharing” Section and select “Ringtone Maker”.
  • Under the “Ringtone Documents” on the right side,select the ringtone files that you would like to save to your hard drive.
  • Click “Save to…” button to save these ringtone files to your hard drive.
  • Find the ringtone files that you just saved and drag them to iTunes.
  • Click the “Tones” Section on the left panel and make sure the ringtones are listed on the right panel.
  • Click your iPhone on left panel and then click “Tones” tab on the tap.Check the “Sync Tones” checkmark and select “All tones”, then click “Apply” to sync you iPhone.

III. Use your ringtones in iPhone

  • Tap “Settings” app.
  • Tap “Sounds”.
  • Tap “Ringtones”.
  • Select a custom ringtone.

I hope that this little application will be useful to help you set the ringtone of your choice on your iPhone. You can download the application from here.

Get Back The Stolen Clocks With The Addictive Beat Sneak Bandit On iPhone

Price: $2.99

Category: Games

Released: Feb 16, 2012

Version: 1.0

Size: 72.4 MB

You won’t need to play Beat Sneak Bandit for long to realise its creators are every bit as nimble as their protagonist. It is a bright, angular comic-book world. It’s a game assured enough in the quality of its design that the rewards it offers are entirely intrinsic – and its confidence is well-placed.

You play the Beat Sneak Bandit, breaking into themansionofDuke Clockface. He has, for some dark and notorious reasons, stolen all the clocks from Pulsebury. Your job is to take back all the clocks without being caught.

The ingenuity of the level design is appreciable, with clocks placed in the most elusive of spots, dares you to discover the secret to reaching them. The grunt of a security guard lets you know he’s changing direction, while a mechanical whirr accompanies the clockwork movements of barriers and trapdoors. Successfully hopping through a string of lights that illuminate on successive beats offers relief and satisfaction in equal measure, and there’s a meticulousness to both setup and execution, as you’d imagine would be the case for a real-life heist. There’s a remarkable consistency to the design even as the levels gets steadily bolder until, after hovering vacuums, teleporters, and levers that freeze time, Simogo throws in a climactic boss battle that is as tough as it is joyous.

Every aspect has been expertly crafted, from the high level game design down to the details of the menus is pretty awesome.

Your buddy Herbie the frog is there to help you on your way. Through a series of charming phone call scenes, Herbie introduces you to all the basics. First you learn that you can only move with the beat, as indicated on screen for those who can’t pick it out by hearing alone. Tapping in time will sneak Bandit across platforms and onto clocks, completing each level as he goes. While Bandit needs to climb, fall, and turn himself about, these tricks are part of grander puzzles.

As you progress through four areas that are dressed up with thematic backdrops, the Duke calls in to taunt you with his newest tricks and traps. You’ll encounter spotlights, which end your robbery attempt if they light up while you’re beneath them. Then there are guards on patrol, who will stop you if they see you. Robots come at you when you sneak across their floor, and they need only move above you to end your spree. The environment is none too simple either, as it’s littered with gates, trap doors and teleport pads. So moving to the beat is only a small part of the challenge. Most of your attention will be paid to planning out a safe route through. Generally it isn’t all that hard to reach the main clock, but there are four smaller clocks scattered in each level, and reaching those always require quite some creative thinking, careful timing and smart gameplay. Moving off beat destroys the one on your floor. Since you move to the beat and so does everything else, planning ahead for where you’ll be and which direction you’ll be facing when you get there is doable, but always more and more challenging.

Beat Sneak Bandit is very forgiving, so no matter your skill you’ll always be able to move forward. When you fail a level a few times, Herbie will check to see if you want to skip it, no harm done. You don’t strictly need to complete any given level to progress, never mind collecting the extra clocks. If you do manage to collect most of the clocks, though, you’ll open up bonus shadow levels that cloak you in silhouette. These are harder than the others by design, and the shadowed world doesn’t make things easier. They are gorgeous, though.

The few cutscenes are beautifully laid out, the levels are designed with a good measure of whimsy, and the animations are adorably matched. Even the interface elements hold to the look of the game perfectly, right down to the last detail. And then, of course, there’s the music. It always has a good beat, and a similar theme runs through each level. But the sound varies between electronic, jazz, funk and more spooky tracks. These are constantly changing from level to level because part of each track is made up of the sounds of all the moving pieces. Patrolling guards make one sound as they move, trapdoors opening and closing make another. Not only is this aurally excellent, it also means you can use your ears to keep track of each moving part.

Beat Sneak Bandit sports 40 main levels and 16 shadow levels. It also has 20GameCenterachievements, most of which encourage you to play in new and challenging ways. Of course, you can also earn one for collecting all the extra clocks, but that’s a challenge that’s quite a lot of fun to work toward.

It’s rare to find a game that does something so original so well, with every element of gameplay and design falling into place. Simogo has pulled it off with Beat Sneak Bandit. According to us it’s a must buy, better still if you can get it from installous.Play, enjoy, and get the clocks.

App Store Link: Beat Sneak Bandit, $2.99 (Universal)