Convert Images to Other Formats Easily with Converseen

Converseen is an image convertor for Windows that converts images into various other formats and is free of cost. Converseen is easy to use and supports a number of formats including jpg, bmp, gif, pdf etc.


Converseen is an open source image conversion tool for Windows that has been designed using C++ with the powerful Qt4 libraries.  And with the help of the Magik+ image libraries, it supports more than 100 different image formats. You can convert as many images as you want at once while configuring each image separately. Converseen comes in an installer. Download the setup and install the app. To start using Converseen, drag and drop images into the space on the Converseen interface window. Add as many images you want all at one time. Set the formats into which you want to convert the images. Once you have configured all the settings, click on Convert. Within seconds you will get the converted images in the specified folder. You can even set the compression levels for the images before conversion to avoid too much reduction in image quality.

You will see a preview of the images that you have added on the left side of the window with the specifications. The most popular formats that Converseen supports are DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, and TIFF.

Download Converseen.

Read PDF files in 3D With Soda PDF Reader

Soda PDF Reader is an application that allows users to view PDF files in a 3D format in which you can read files like you read a book with features like flipping pages and bookmarking etc. There are many applications on the internet other than the default Adobe reader that allows users to view their PDF files. We usually want to avoid the Adobe PDF reader mainly because of its limitations. Soda PDF Reader comes with a host of new features that will tempt users to download it.

soda pdf

Soda PDF has a number of features that we will discuss here. But the feature that immediately catches the eye is the 3D view feature. Using this feature, users can read their PDF files like they are reading a book.  Use the scroll button on your mouse to turn the pages and Soda PDF Reader will flip the pages like you are flipping them in real life. This feature is fun and really does give you a new dimension when it comes to reading long PDF files.

Some of the other features that Soda PDF Reader has are:

1. Create your PDF files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other format easily directly from this software. But to do this, you will have to register and activate your account on the Soda PDF website which is for free.

2. View pages in different views like the above mentioned 3D view, single page, continuous, facing and facing continuous modes.

3. View PDF files in full screen so you are not distracted by anything else on your desktop.

4. Even read digital comic books in 3D mode.

5. Zoom in and zoom out easily even in 3D mode.

Soda PDF Reader gives a new dimension to reading PDF files and is highly recommended for users.

Download Soda PDF Reader.

Find Duplicate Image Files on Your Computer Using Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image Finder is an app that detects duplicate image files on your hard drive which you can later on delete to free up more space on your disk. If you like storing tons of images on your computer, then you will always have duplicate image files which may be created by some or the other means. Then this app will come in handy for you.

dup image finder1dup image finder 2

Duplicate Image Finder has a seemingly high installation time which is unusual considering how dull the interface is to look at as well as for use. But that being said, the work that it does has to be given credit for. The processing is lightning fast and I scanned an entire partition of my hard disk in just a few minutes. After installation, the main window that opens up prompts you to select the folder you wish to scan. After scanning, the app displays all the duplicate image files in a neat table for you to analyze and delete however you want.

You can even set limitations to the app as to which all folders it should not scan like temporary internet files or in system folders etc. You can specify the formats of the image files to scan.

The app you download is a trial version and the only limitation of that is that it can scan only 500 images at one time. If you want the complete package with more speed and efficiency, then you can order the full version by clicking on the Order Now button in the app. But this trial version is more than enough for your necessity.

Download Duplicate Image Finder here.

Edit and Add Effects to Your Images with BeFunky

BeFunky is an online image editing tool that allows users to edit their images as well as add effects to their images to give them a new and artistic feel. There are many online tools out there on the internet for image editing. BeFunky has quite a lot of features and is simple and easy to use.

befunky befunky1

BeFunky is an online image editing tool that comes with a variety of options to add artistic effects to images. Click on the “Get Started” button to start editing your images. You have the following basic options before you can start the editing process:

1. Edit your photos: Here, you can perform simple edits to your images like cropping, add highlights and shadows etc.

2. Apply Photo effects: Add cool effects to the entire image like polarizing, negative etc.

3. Apply Artsy effects: Here, you can add effects like sketching effect, painting, impressionist etc.

4. Add graphics and shapes: Add simple shapes and graphics to your images.

5. Add text, speech bubbles

6. Add frames and borders

Choose an image from your computer or upload from a URL to start editing your photos.

BeFunky gives you all that you will need to edit your images in a nice neat interface.

Check out BeFunky.

Check Your Monitor for Defective Pixels using Injured Pixels

When monitors are used for long time, there are bound to be some defects in the pixels. Some may become defective, some may stop working. You can find out if your monitor is working properly using this handy portable app.

A defective pixel is a kind of pixel which does not illuminate properly or does not display the correct color output. Black or white spot will appear on your screen which you probably can’t see normally because of the large number of colors on your screen. Injured Pixels fills the entire screen with a custom solid color allowing you to inspect your monitor for defective pixels.

injured pixels

There are 5 custom colors that the app will fill your screen with. If you want, you can add your own custom color to your screen. To change colors, just left click on your screen. To view the menu, right click on the screen. Use each color and look closely at your screen for any dead pixel sections. If you find an unusual spot on your screen, then it is most probably a pixel which is dead and has stopped working.

It is a portable app and does not require an installation. Just download the file and run it directly.

Download Injured Pixels here

How to Enable Games in Windows 7

Remember Minesweeper, Solitaire, and Hearts? These are the traditional games which can be found on any Windows PC. If you have Windows 7 Professional version installed on your computer, then you can’t find those games by default. That feature can be enabled by using the Windows features option. Just follow the steps below to start playing those games.

1. First click on the start button and in the search bar, type “features”.

2. Then click on “Turn Windows features on or off” in the search results.

features strt

3. When you click on this option, a window will appear where you can view all the features that are offered by Windows 7.


4. Here, you will find the Games option. Just enable this option and click OK to start playing these games.

5. Or if you want to disable certain games from the Games folder, then just expand the Games folder in the window and enable or disable whichever games you want or don’t want.

5. All you need to do now is click on Start button and type “games” in a search box. Click on the result and enjoy playing traditional games.

Mount Disk Image Files Easily with OSF Mount

Mounting CD/DVD images means making images accessible through the computer’s file system. There are many tools available for this purpose and OSF Mount is one such affective tool that makes mounting easier with itssimple and easy to use interface. OSF Mount is a software from PassMark that is free of cost which separates it from other popular apps.


OSF Mount is simple and easy to use. Its interface is direct in its approach and is absolutely free of cost. To start using the software, download the file and install it. Then, run the application.

\The main window of OSF Mount has everything you will need to mount images on your computer. Click on Mount New to start a mounting session. When you click on the “Mount New” button, a window will open up that looks like the one above. Select the specifications of the image files that you are about to mount like the source, location, size of the drive etc. You can even assign specific drive letters to the image drive so that every time you open this image file, it will open as with the same drive letter.

Select the type of drive you want to mount, whether you want an HDD, CD/DVD-ROM or Floppy. If you don’t know this then simply leave it in Auto. You can select the drive to be mounted as a removable media. So this will make it easier to remove after you are done with it. When all this is done, click Ok. The file will be mounted with the assigned drive letter.

Download OSF Mount.

How to Find Out Windows Computer Licensing Information and Rearm Count

When you install Windows on your computer, you will have 30 days to activate your version of Windows online before it is blacklisted. So if you have installed a trial version of Windows, then you will be given a trial period of 30 days and a total of 4 Rearm counts. Rearm counts can be used to increase your trial period after your 30 days have expired. So having 4 Rearm counts means that you can extend your trial period up to 4 times on your trial copy of Windows. To find out how many counts you have left, follow these steps:

1. Open the Task Manager in Windows and click on New task(Run).

2. In the space provided, type in the following location: slmgr.vbs /dlv


A window will open which will look like the snapshot above. You will be able to view the various product keys and ID’s that help identify your computer and your version of Windows. Here you can also view if your Windows is licensed or if it is a trial version. You can view the number of Rearm counts you have left on your computer.

This information can be useful in helping users to set up Windows on their computer and help them to correctly activate their Windows at the right time before it is blacklisted by Microsoft.

Monitor Your Kids Internet & Facebook Activities with Minor Monitor

Minor Monitor is a website that allows users to monitor the activities of other people on their computer by giving a detailed overview of the data to the user. It also manages and monitors Facebook activities of users.

minor monitor

It is an online tool that monitors your child’s activities on Facebook and the internet and gives you an overview of all the websites that they have visited, as well as all the activities on Facebook.

To get started, you are required to register to website which is free. Then you have to login to Facebook using your child’s Facebook account. Once these steps are completed, you can proceed to the homepage. Here you can easily view all the activities that your child is performing on Facebook.

minor monitor1

This website also shows data in the form of graphs and statistics related to your child’s usage of Facebook and can get an idea of whether your child is using social networking for the wrong reasons. Users will be able to view the photos on which their child has been tagged in, their comments, posts, friend lists, status updates etc. This website gathers all these data and creates graphs depicting whether your child is having a positive or negative effect from the use of Facebook.

Check Out Minor Monitor.

Snooze Pages and Reopen Them Later with Page Snooze

If you are the one who use to open several web pages at a time and not happy with all the clutter on your Chrome web browser then Page Snooze extension is for you. This extension keeps the webpage temporarily for few days so that you can view that page later if you want.

By using this extension you can easily close the webpage without remembering the URL of that page. If you want to view web page later, simply go to Snoozed links page and check all the pages you saved.

page snooze


To install the extension on your Chrome browser, go to the link below and click on “Add to Chrome”. An icon next to the address bar will appear which displays number of snoozed links.

If you have many tabs open and would like to hide some unused tabs temporarily so that you can view them later on, just go to the tab that you want to snooze and click on the Page Snooze icon. Do this for all the pages you want to hide or snooze temporarily. They will all be stored in a list in the options menu of the Page Snooze extension. These pages are stored for a maximum of 1 week after which they will be discarded or removed from history.

To reopen these pages, right click on the Page Snooze icon and click on Manage extensions. Click on “Options” under Page Snooze. You will then see the list of webpages that you had snoozed earlier. Simply click on a webpage link to view that page again. Or if you want to remove them from this list, cross them off manually or just click on Clear All.

Check out Page Snooze.