IsoPlex Allows you to Stream Torrents of Films instead of having to Download them

If you are into watching films online instead of theatres, chances are you download the films using torrents. While this is not the right way to go about it, and at Blogtechnika we feel very strongly against piracy and its use, we understand why there is a demand for such content. However, downloading content means that you will have to wait for it to be complete before you can watch the movie and most of the time we do not have that much patience.


This is where IsoPlex comes in to the frame. You can download IsoPlex for both Mac as well as Windows. It is very similar to Popcorn player and basically streams the torrent for you to watch it instead of having to wait for it to download. The service is not as comprehensive as popcorn player, and we found that the number of titles are a few short. Yet, some of the latest flicks such as Edge of Tomorrow and X:Men- The days of the future past are present and that is good news.

Using the application is really simple, you have to download it from the website and then search and play your favorite movie. Unfortunately, the service does not have any TV shows yet. You can watch the videos in three different qualities, including HD. There are however, more than a million movies to keep you engaged. Introducing itself, this is what IsoPlex wrote about themselves on their website:

It’s an application for your PC or Mac where you can find and stream your favorite movies with no need to download them to your hard drive! It works completely standalone, without torrent clients or other additional software. You don’t need to keep any huge movie files on your computer!

Download IsoPlex for Windows, Mac or Linux from here

7.5% Android Phones are Running on Marshmallow Now

Google releases the distribution numbers monthly, giving everyone an idea of how much is the adoption rate of the latest Android version. This report basically tells you the percentage break of the Android versions that are running on the active Android phones. Google has been notorious for their update program where only the Nexus smartphones get the latest updates instantly while everyone else has to wait for their carrier and telecom service provider to come together. This usually means a slow rollout of updates and this has been no different for Android Marshmallow update.

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You Can Finally Access Multiple Instagram Accounts From the Official App

Many of us have several Instagram accounts. Our personal account and sometimes the account of our organisation, alias or just another venture. At this time, in order to maintain the other account, either we need to resort to having another device or simply log out and log in every time with the new credentials. This is a very tedious process and can be highly irritating too. Just like Twitter, it was suggested a while ago that Instagram would bring support for multiple accounts, where you can simply log into several accounts at a time and juggle between them.

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Check if your E-Mail is being Tracked Before you Open it with Ugly Mail

We have all received E-Mails in our box which may not have the best intentions at heart where people may have intentions which are beyond than just sending you across important information. While most of the cases you do not mind an occasional spam, there are mails that are sent to you with just the intention to track your activities or work on your computer, these are the ones that you need to avoid at any cost in order to safeguard your data. This is where Ugly Mail comes really handy for you.

Ugly Mail

Ugly Mail is an extension for your Gmail available, both for Chrome and Firefox which will live on your browser and every time you access your mailbox, it will notify you in case someone is tracking you via the mail that has been sent. The way it works is that you will see an evil eye right next to the mail subject in your inbox, so that you know that this mail will track your actions and you can refrain from opening the mail.

Currently, Ugly Mail is able to track, tracking pixels from the likes of  Streak, Yesware, Mandrill, MailChimp, Postmark and Bananatag with more expected to be added in the future. The extension is available for absolutely free, and you can download it right from here.

A Pilot’s License or Pilot’s Certificate?

For those of us who have friends who fly as a profession, we have definitely heard them say they have a flying or a pilot’s licence after clocking so and so number of Nautical Miles or hours etc. However, on the contrary, if you read on the internet, equally possible is somebody calling the flying licence to be flying certificate. So which one exactly it is? A common notion so far has been that those who are flying commercial aircraft or jets own a flying certificate, while flying licence is reserved for those, who are on space duties.

Flying certificate

However, this seems a little off the hook in all honesty. According to Charles Spence at GeneralAviationNews, the FAA, governing body that issues these licences or certificates, recently has started using the term certificate for any aviation related activity while license has been earmarked to be used in case of any space related activity to help easy distinguishing.

Therefore, any activity related to an aviation related job, be it maintenance, flying or simple repair checks, all of them have a certificate issued against them. It is expected that these changes would soon take place on the FAA website too as over there, these terms are currently being used interchangeably as there had been no clear demarcation so far. According to the report on GANOklahoma City Office of the FAA has been using the term certificate for a while now while processing the papers of the pilots. This is certainly an interesting bit of information as we have heard both the terms being thrown around and never have been truly sure which is the right way.

Scenery For Mac is an Interesting Tool for you to Create Product Presentation

Are you into a job which requires you to create products and mockups of the same and give tedious long hours of presentations? If yes, then you must be well aware of the effort that goes into scenic photo shoots, just so that you can use those pictures in your presentation to enhance the aesthetics of your presentation and make everything l0ok professionally done.


The tool, called Scenery, basically gives you a large array of pre-set templates, as well as photo shoots with several devices in several sceneries, all you really need to do is to either use it directly or replace the screen for you to show off your product, SAS, application or whatever it is, saving the precious bucks a well as time for you to invest in other places. Several major devices such as the iPhone 6, Nexus 5, HTC M8 are there for you to just embed the screenshot into.

Not just this, you have very neat templates of shots taken for you to show off the workplace, around your house, leisure gaming, in the kitchen etc, though you will have to pay a premium sum to get the templates. The toll in itself is absolutely free and can be downloaded right from the website of the tool right here.

Ringing Bells Announces an HD LED TV at Rs 9,990

Ringing Bells, who shot to fame thanks to their promise of delivering a smartphone for a paltry sum of Rs 251, have shot another bow in the hope of getting the headlines. The smartphone is yet to be delivered to those who paid the money upfront, and you might want to be a little wary before you jump off the chair about the latest set of announcements that have come from the Noida based company.


Ringing Bells has announced plans to bringing an HD LED TV with a 31.5-inch display at a price of Rs 9,990/-. Needless to say, that this would be the most inexpensive 31.5 inch in the market. However, as this list shows, there are several smaller HD TVs that are already available under the price of Rs 10,000, so it may actually not be an all that far fetched idea that this time, Ringing Bells would actually deliver a product. Specifications or information about the TV is not known so far, and we would not be surprised if it is revealed anytime soon.

Ringing Bells has still not shown off what would the final retail unit of the Freedom 251 will look like, though it did announce that the shipments for the first 5,000 units will begin from July 8th, with another 2 lakh units being shipped after the feedback from the first slot is in. They assured that the build quality and product, in general, will be better than the prototype that was shared with the media.

As far as the television goes, you will be able to order the same from the website of Ringing Bells soon on Cash on Delivery. The first batch of LED TVs is expected to be delivered on August 15th. In addition to the update on the Freedom 251 and a new TV, Ringing Bells also announced six new phones, four of which were feature phones and another two were smartphones.

Slack Brings Voice Calling

Pretty much every organization out there that is working on web lead projects uses Slack as a preferred mode to communicate between the teams. Not only is it extremely easy to collaborate on Slack, but the fact that it generally trumps IMs to newer features is what it makes really useful to be on Slack. Features like responding to individual messages with emoticons or even editing and already sent text messages, are something that the likes of WhastApp do not allow you. Oh, and how can you forget the bots and GIF support.

Slack Call

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YouTube Application Set to Receive new Filters

XDA Developers has uncovered a few strings from the latest release of the Youtube application that points towards some new filters coming in. So far, it is absolutely clear that the application of YouTube really lags behind the desktop experience. There are plenty of things you can do on the desktop that you still cannot do on the app. This is a bit of a surprise especially as people today are more likely to consume content on their smartphone using an application rather than firing up their desktops for a five-minute video.

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OnePlus 3 Surfaces in China With Specifications

OnePlus is expected to announce the OnePlus 3 in the coming month. We have already seen that OnePlus has shared in a mailer that they would begin selling their Virtual Reality headsets once again globally so that users can purchase the same and enjoy the full VR launch that promises to take them to virtual space in order to announce their latest flagship device. The OnePlus 2 was announced via a VR launch last time around and received very mixed reactions. 

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