Automate Processes on Your Computer Using WOSB

WOSB or Wake Up On Standby is an application for Windows that allows users to set the computer to perform certain tasks automatically. WOSB even wakes up from a standby or from hibernate and will do the task it has been assigned to do. Once the tasks are completed, WOSB can be set to turn off the system. Some tasks are so boring to do and take so much time that we end up ignoring them even though they are important like defragging the system or performing a complete scan of the system. These tasks take a lot of time and can be annoying if a users has to just sit and wait till they are completed. WOSB is a savior in that respect.


Wake Up On Standby is a revolutionary tool that will perform specific tasks automatically for the user. WOSB is a portable application and requires no installation. To get started, download the file from the link below and extract the files. Then run the application. The main window has many options that might confuse some users. But taking a closer look will reveal how easy it is to use this application.

Firstly, specify the time and date on which you want to wake the computer from standby or hibernation. Then specify the task which you want the app to perform when the computer is turned on. These tasks can range from complete defragging of disks to a simple scan of the drives for viruses. Then specify what you want the computer to do after the task is completed. You can configure the computer to be put to sleep, hibernate, turned off, log off or just wait and do nothing.

You can configure the application to repeat these tasks. Just specify the days on which you want that task to be performed. Once you have configured these settings, click Start to activate.

This software can be really helpful in saving your time as well as power.

Download WOSB.

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