Automatically Restart Crashed or Hanged Application Using Restart on Crash

If you are a Google Chrome user then you might familiar with its frequent crash feature (I solved the problem by reinstalling it). It is bit frustrating because switching from one browser to other browser is not so easy. It affects the entire workflow.  Similar kind of problems occur in few other apps.

Suppose there is an app (IM, Tweetdeck, Firewall) running in a background and it crashes without any warning then you might missed the function for the time until you saw and restart it again. This is annoying.

To solve the problem, there is an tool known as Restart on Crash. It relaunches the program if it crashes down. Download and install the program on your computer (Windows only). You need to manually add the applications to monitor. You can add any number of applications that crashes frequently.


In the application settings, you will find options to select the applications to monitor, actions to perform after crash, etc. You can also see the activity log by click the “Show Log”. You’ll find information about crashed/hanged applications, executed commands, etc.


There is a nifty Grace period” feature in this tool. You have to decide a time (grace period). If it relaunch any crashed program and after relaunching, the program hangs again on stat up then the program will terminate it again and relaunch it. Grace time is the time between two successive relaunch’.

Download Restart on Crash [via Technospot.Net]

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