Automatically Save Images from Your webcam with Webcam Image Save

When you use your webcam, you  may not need this software. But this software is quite helpful when you want to monitor what somebody else is doing on your webcam. This app automatically takes snapshots from your webcam after specified seconds so you can monitor what others are doing on your computer.

webcam image save

Webcam Image save is a portable app that allows users to monitor the activities of others when they are using the webcam. The app takes snapshots after specified periods and saves them in a location on your computer for you to monitor later. You can specify the location of the images to save and also set the app to display the date and time of the snapshot taken on the picture itself. The app allows you to choose the color of the date/time labels, shadow texturing, font and font size of the labels etc. You can set the period after which the app is to take the snapshots. By default it is set to take snapshots every 60 seconds. You can set the quality of the pictures you want the app to take.By default it is set to 75 on a scale of 0 to 100. This option comes in handy when you are low on space.

Download Webcam Image save here

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