Auxo 2 Makes Multitasking on iOS 7 look good and effective

Multi tasking has always been a bit of achilles heel of iOS since its advent. Apple did make some drastic changes about it in iOS 7 adding a card like UI and a more robust software tweak which ensures a better true multi tasking, however, you still wonder if things could have been better. Thanks to the availability of jailbreak on iOS 7, the developers have got their hands well and truly dirty with tweaks bringing features to iOS 7 which makes you wonder why could Apple not come up with something like this too?


Anyway, the tweak we are talking about is Auxo 2. The tweak is available from Cydia Store for $3.99. The tweak basically integrated the Control Center to the multi tasking window of iOS 7. However, everything is designed from the ground up here, as the Control Center is not present in its default state. It is neatly stripped down to only contain its bare minimal features such as the quick shortcuts and playback controls. The rest of the sharing icons and toggles are on the top with multi tasking windows in between.

You can check out the video of the tweak here to get a better idea of what the tweak can do exactly. Just a note for those who are coming from the original Auxo tweak and have that installed, can upgrade to Auxo 2 for only $1.99.

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