Battery Safe is an interesting Tweak for iOS

Battery Life is one of the major challenges facing the consumer electronics world currently. We have seen rapid progress when it comes to the likes of memory and processors however, the battery life remains at sulking low. As a result, rather than waiting for better technology we have been forced to manage technology as well as we could. While we have several battery saving apps for Android, the closed nature of iOS means that, that route has been a rather no go as far as iOS goes.


However, with Jailbreak now available on iOS 7 there is renewed hope with tweaks coming along. One such tweak is Battery Safe. Battery Safe works very much like how some of the battery savers work on Android and disables the network connections and adjusts the brightness of the device to save the battery of the device. However, the tweak does not have location based network enabler or disabler which definitely would have been a nice add on.

However, with the tweak still fairly new, there is always a hope that the developer may bring about this feature and make Battery Safe a full fledged battery saver solution. The tweak is available in BigBoss repo for free and is automatically triggered when the battery percentage falls below 20%. Just to reiterate, you need to have a jailbroken device with Cydia installed for it to be able to install Battery Safe.

Via: iGeeksBlog

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