BBC News App Now Available For Android

BBC alongside CNN is perhaps the most widely read and watched channels as the source of NEWS across the globe. However, so far BBC was available on our favorite Android phones only in the United Kingdom. But, to the delight of all the BBC fans the application is now available in the market place for free.

Having tried the application myself, I would rate it well above the resident CNN application for Android. The interface is clean and the text is easy to read. You can read NEWS from various regions and even set various intervals for the NEWS to be update. There are various categories that you can select to receive the NEWS from, for example, I subscribed to Sports and Technology. You can also listen to the live streaming audio and video.


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However media content did give a few jitters despite a very good Wi-Fi connectivity so that could be a potential drop back. The content is clean and less cluttered than most of the other applications, the font can be changed as per the user requirement and the usage is very easy. The media content however could be really improved as the lack of images and videos did leave a bad taste in the mouth. The application is not true multi tasking either as minimizing the app would stop the media content playing.

However, that is me just being overly critical on the application as I personally loved this application and definitely it is a must have for all the news enthusiasts.

Do let us know what you feel about the application, in the mean time here is the application in an advertisement!

You can download the application from the Android Market.

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