BBM Beta Testing for Android Begins

BBM is pretty much definitely the app that has defined what IM on smart phones are. Yes, it has fallen grossly behind the likes of whatsapp in IM apps usage data, but the fact still remains that BBM is the sole reason alongside enterprise that people even consider picking a BlackBerry device, and no this has not changed since the launch of the BB 10 series. This pretty much lead BlackBerry to open BBM to other platforms such as Android and iOS and no wonder, given the volume of users the two have, you can be sure BBM will compete well against the likes of whatsapp and line and hike etc.


So, keeping in tune with the September timeline of a possible release of BBM on Android, the app has now gone into Beta testing mode. Some screenshots of the app were caught out in the wild recently and looks like we have a confirmation that certain users registered in the Blackberry Beta Zone are getting first dibs on the much sought out application. Above is the mail that some of the users have reportedly received and all they really need is an Android device running Android ICS 4.0 or above to try the app.

We hear that the beta places have closed, but hopefully there will be a leaked .apk somewhere or the other soon, with Android that is one thing we can be pretty sure of.

Via: BlackBerryOS

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