BBM for Android?

In a news that could well be a shocker to most, the first images have appeared of Android Smartphones sporting BBM, the famous Blackberry messenger. With iOS 5 release around the corner and the much spoken iMessage at the heart of it, this could just well be the best answer that Android could probably give to its nearest competitor.

BBM is a well-known instant messaging service and already has an established market, and with Blackberry porting Android applications to run on its Tablet devices this, does look like a return gift to Android. But, this move would definitely raise questions as BBM was definitely the last selling point of RIM and now you really have to wonder with this service now probably coming out on Android, who would really be picking a rather outdated Blackberry Smartphone, and this could definitely hinder RIM’s already slow progress.

There is no definite date when this IM client would be available or if at all, however, if it does come then it would definitely add a brand new dimension to Android smartphone and they would well be a good bet to become hands down the best OS for smart phones out there!

The UI looks pretty much exactly like how it did on your Blackberry smartphone so there has been nothing added or subtracted, at least that is what we can make out of these leaked screenshots. There would be a threaded communication style page just like Android texts and that would be an upgrade to bubble like feature on the Blackberry!


Whatever the features maybe this definitely is a rumour to get excited about, more for the Android fans than the Blackberry ones. For blackberry though, this might well be the curtains, however, whatever it is, it would be extremely interesting to follow this story and we at Blogtechnika would keep you posted!

[via Techradar].

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