Be A Coin Collecting Bully With Angry Gran For iOS And Android

This iOS application is compatible with all Devices.

Genres: Entertainment |Arcade| Adventure

Size: 19.66 MB

If you are looking for a straight-forward, not so time consuming game Angry Gran, available for Free on iPhone, iPad and Android, is simple yet a lot of fun game.

AceViralcom has already given us Bike Mania Pack 1, and now are delivering another great Entertainment & Arcade game app on the two most popular app stores.
Angry Gran is angry and needs money! Whack your enemies ruthlessly until the cash comes flying out.
With a wide and crazy assortment of weapons including an inflatable hammer, a baguette and a rubber chicken etc, madness is sure to follow.

Originated as a flash game, a creative concept with a granny as the main character, who is equipped with newspapers, skateboards, stop signs etc. as weapons, beats up people on the street to gain some coins for retirement spending and adding to her pension.

One single control to look around, tap the screen and hold to gain power, then release to perform the hit. Depending on the power used, you gain a varied amount of coin. You can also collect pension funds, which automatically accumulates after a certain period of time.

The game speeds up after every checkpoint, in the form that old granny walks faster which is quite hilarious. This gives you less time to charge your attack and higher chance to hit yourself or even miss targets. When you do so it leads to a wheelchair and loss of time as during this time granny rolls on a wheelchair and is like a sitting duck and cannot attack anyone. It is harder to accumulate enough coins before hitting a checkpoint. You should avoid hitting the cops unless you collect some extra items like bribe tickets.

With the money earned, you could upgrade your skills: Strength – charge attack faster, Discount – reduce money needed to pass a checkpoint, the most important tip we’d give is to recover fast if you hit yourself. You can also purchase new weapons that add different perks for the granny. Boosts are available each round to assist you in the run, and you can upgrade your pension plan to collect more money every hour.

The background music and graphics are adorable. Game starts simple but gets challenging after a couple checkpoints. There is a neat and clean approach to the gameplay.

The ads might bother you at times. You should position your tapping finger on a part of screen so that nothing is blocked from your sight. Your tapping and release to perform the hit is all that matters. So you have to be fast and know when it is best to strike the killer blow to get maximum coins.

We found it definitely worth a try because there is nothing to lose with this simple yet funny game.

Google Play Store Download Link: Here

iTunes Store Download Link: Here


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