Benchmark Tests: HTC One

If you are a regular Blogtechnika subscriber, you might well be aware that at Blogtechnika we like to throw a lot of devices in hand through a series of Benchmark tests. No, the benchmarks do not give out the true performance quotient of devices, but it does give a fair idea of how the device might well be performing. We recently conducted the benchmark tests on the Nexus 4 and the LG Optimus G Pro. This time around, it the turn to put the favorite Android smart phone on the planet through these tests, yes we are talking about the HTC One. The device has quickly become the standard setting when it comes to Android smart phones and no wonder we are extremely curious as to how the device will perform.

Again, we would like to reiterate that benchmark tests scores can vary and depend upon settings of your device, but they do give a fair idea of where the device stands against a very competitive Android OEM market. With that, let’s dive in and check out the benchmark performances of the HTC One.

Quadrant Standard

Benchmarks tests HTC One 0-42-11


Benchmarks tests HTC One 0-49-26

Benchmarks tests HTC One 0-50-51


Benchmarks tests HTC One 0-53-39

Benchmarks tests HTC One 0-53-46

AnTuTu 3D Bench

Benchmarks tests HTC One 1-07-05

RL Benchmark

Benchmarks tests HTC One 1-08-49

AnTuTu Benchmark

Benchmarks tests HTC One 1-13-26

So, the overall performance of the HTC One was more than satisfactory. yes, these are some of the best benchmark scores we have seen on a device that is mainstream in the market currently. We will definitely keep comparing the scores as and when newer and better devices come in.

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