Best Android Browsers For Your Android Device

The stock android browser gets the job done, but the option to choose between the lot is what android is about. The stock browser has all the basic functionalities, separate windows, pinch-zoom, voice input, adobe flash(android 2.2+). But why settle for it when you can get something apt to your needs.

Dolphin HD: Dolphin browser HD draws its inspiration from the desktop version of firefox and has a tabbed interface. What brings dolphin closest to firefox is that it can install addons very much like firefox. To free up memory you can disable the add-ons you don’t use often.

It lets you tell it what to do by drawing user defined symbols on the screen. To add to it, it supports flash, voice search, coloured themes, auto fill search to name a few, without affecting performance. It’s not the fastest of the lot but sure is a complete package. A must have for a large display or a tablet.

Dolphin mini: a skimmed version of dolphin HD, takes up much less bandwidth. A minimalist design makes it  look simple and it performs well on older slower devices.

Opera mobile: Opera has been launched on every platform. Opera’s rendering engine and server-side compression enables web pages to load faster on your mobile device. According to benchmarks it is the fastest web browser for android. Its HTML 5 ready. The interface is simple and clean with a bookmarks manager homepage.

Opera mini: It offers the same clean interface as opera mobile, but is stripped down in features like lack of HTML 5 support, Flash support and rendering is weak. Opera claims it reduces data cost by upto 90% by compression at its servers. Also its fairly light and does not slow down your phone.

Firefox 10: One of the popular browsers on PC platform, its android version brings in the usual bundle of features found on its desktop mate. It was the first browser to bring full flash support to android. The interface is intelligent and customizable. The most highlighted feature of this browser is its secure synchronization. It gives users the option to access bar history, bookmarks, and passwords; it has the ability to synchronize between  data across multiple PCs and devices with secure end-to-end encryption. Sync your mobile Android device with your desktop or laptop effortlessly. You can easily access your browsing history along with passwords, bookmarks and open tabs on all your in sync devices  Firefox gives you the ability to have multiple search engines listed so that when you search you can have the option of searching on multiple engines at once.

Skyfire: it is notable in the sense that it supports web videos even on devices that do not have flash support. To accomplish that, it transcodes the videos on its own Web servers and serves them to the phone in an Android-compatible format. The feature works well for many, but not all, Web videos. However, numerous complains of frequent crashes have been reported.

Chrome beta: Chrome for android is android 4+ only.  It supports all your favorite Chrome elements, like Incognito browsing, Auto-fill, and omnibox, but will never support flash.

Galaxy browserGalaxy browser is also android 4+ only. It’s based on the stock browser and the option menu is replaced by a sidebar. The UI is clean and pages load up quickly.

Whats best for you: Choice depends on what you value most. If data costs are high in your region, opera mini, dolphin mini and skyfire are all worth considering.  For larger displays though firefox and dolphn HD make a good choice. Dolphin HD and  firefox are full of feautures and are both very much customizable.

Do let us know what browser you use for your Android smartphone.

An extended hand of thanks from Blogtechnika towards Mr. Ankur Jhangra for his contribution towards this post.

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