BeThere is an Interesting App that Informs your Friends of your Plans

We have all used the likes of Facebook or even Swarm to checkin to the places that we are currently in so that we would be able to collaborate or quickly fix a meeting with people we know of, just in case they happen to be at the same venue at the time. However, the major problem with Facebook or even Swarm is that you can only check into a place when you have reached the place. What if you have made the plan and know that you would be sipping on Starbucks Coffee at 5 PM in the evening today at Palladium? BeThere is an application that would help you do that and checkin well into the future so that your friends can know of the activity and maybe join in around the same time if they are nearby.


This way your friends will always have a heads up on your plans and not everything will be impromptu. The application works very much like Swarm or Facebook checkin, though you only have to select the time and the place manually here. The application also reminds you to snap a picture when you reach the venue so that you have that memorable photograph to share. You can import the same from Facebook or Instagram too if you use the platform a lot.

Not just this, the application also integrates well with your Facebook feed and your checkin will be visible on the Timeline of your friends saying that you have a plan to be at X place at Y time. BeThere is available both for Android and iOS devices for absolutely free. You can find the links for downloading the applications for your respective platforms right here.

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