Beware: A new Malware Discovered in Google Play

Malwares on Android will always remain a burning issue thanks to the open nature of the OS. It is just one of the bad sides of a coin that we so have started loving. And it is due to this open nature of Android that malwares and trojans and other such uncalled elements can be pushed into your device without you knowing much about it. Using a protection app such as Avast or even AVG does help to a degree as they scan applications and things your device tries to push, but there have been occasions even these have been bi-passed.


And it seems like the Malwares are back again to haunt our Android devices, this time via the Play Store itself. “Badnews” family of Android Malwares have been sitting in the Google Play Store and apparently already has been downloaded nine million times by the users. This malware works by swapping phone numbers as well as pushing messages called Alpha Messages. Although, the malware is no spreading via any particular application, but via an ad network, and this is what has been most surprising.

The apps have been taken down which ran these ad-networks, but it is indeed scary to know that despite a tight malware policy that Google Play follows, some hackers could get through it. We are off to installing a good protection system on our Android, and we recommend you to do the same. And, in the mean time we do hope that thanks to tighter policies and tighter security, such issues can be radically reduced.

Via: Technobuffalo

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