biteSMS for iPhone gets a Major Update

One of the very first application you  must install to your iPhone from Cydia once you have jailbroken your device is biteSMS. Although, the default messaging application on the iPhone is pretty good, biteSMS brings a lot of new neat features. Things like quick compose and delivery reports are two of the features we really like about biteSMS. But the team behind the application is not sitting back and have released an update that makes things even better.


Image via: Addictive Tips

If you have not yet, get going an update your biteSMS or install it on your jailbroken iPhone. There is a neat new widget with the application that add a shortcut to your favorite contacts so that you can compose the message quickly to a particular person right from the notification widget. The beta version 7.6 also comes with a Read or Delivered based on status of your iMessage which is also a very useful add on.

If you do not know how to get biteSMS for your device you can read this post we had covered about it. You might want to update your repos to get the latest version though, but it totally is worth it since these add ons make the application a lot more handy and pretty close to a perfect messaging application. For now though, the latest version is 7.5 in Xsellize repo, but you can add this repo to get the 7.6 latest version and all the goodness “”

Via: Addictive tips

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