BiteSMS:The best Messaging Application For your iPhone


The application we are talking about right now,is known as biteSMS. Now,considering the number of applications which are available in the app store or in cydia,isn’t it absurd to name one application as the best application ? Well the answer is No. Ok, if not the best,then for sure one of the best application ever created. Are you one of those who loves texting and your life is incomplete without SMSes? If yes ,then trust me this one application is going to change the way you do messaging.

How irritating is it when you are using some application on your iphone and suddenly a message comes from your best friend? What do you do? Either you view the message,or close it. That’s all you can do with the default messaging application in the iphone. If you view it,then you leave whatever work you were doing on the other application,and if you close it,well then you don’t really get to know what the message was all about,what was it…was it something urgent or just some joke which can be read later?

BiteSMS is one application which will remove all your ambiguities. It will make your life easy. Trust me when I say this,literally EASY. With biteSMS,you have many options when a message comes. Starting with quick reply,compose,close,see the message later,delete,forward, Skype, facetime, schedule your text message at pre defined time and guess what,even call the person from whom you received the message. The best part being,whatever you are doing,whichever application you are on,it will just pop up in between when a message comes, you do what you wish to,and done,you are right there where you were before the message came.
See some snapshots to get a clear picture


As you can see from the picture above,the option of open,call,reply,and below them,3 dots,which indicate the number of pages,that means,you can swipe and get three more options,swipe again and you will again get more options.


In this picture,you can see the iGoogle application running in the background and you can still do all the messaging which you want to.

How practical and how useful can it get now??

All you have to do is download the application. Rest all you have to leave on the application itself.
It will automatically integrate with your messaging application and also become the default messaging application of your phone. You can still use the normal messaging application.

Here are the ways to get it.

1)Open cydia.

2)Go to search.

3)Search for biteSMS.

4)You can download it from the big boss repository for free,but but but,for 14 days,after that you will have to buy the application J

5)You can also get it from xsellize respository. 😉

[via iphone jailbreak].

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