Blackberry 10 Sneak Peak

Blackberry is very much the old fallen giant of the Tech world. Once upon a time we correlated the term smart phones with the likes of Blackberry and Palm. However, of late the tech market is a dominant playground for the likes of Android and iOS and recently emerged Windows Phone 7. Of late RIM have really tried to up their specs and tried to match som eof the bigger players to put RIM back on the tech radar where it should be. We bought for you an overview of the Blackberry World here. Blackberry is planing to launch a new OS called OS10 in the upcoming months. Now you can take a sneak peak at the new OS. Here is the small video put up by RIM.

OS 10 definitely looks very impressive but if it will be enough to prevent the RIM boat from sinking is something that only time will answer. In the mean time we keenly await the launch of OS10.

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