BlackBerry A 10 Leaked in a Video Online

Looks like BlackBerry is saying, if you can do it, so can we. Before you get scared, this is all about form factors. BlackBerry is all set to jump the bandwagon of 5 inch plus devices and looks like the device that would be marking the starting point of this new form factor will be named the BlackBerry A 10. The device has been in rumours for a while but now the video has been leaked online for everyone to see it. The crazy rumor going around Twitter is that when the device is launched it will cost a whopping Rs. 53, 000. We do not know the credibility of these rumors but God save the world if a BlackBerry device is going out for Rs. 53,000.

BB A10

Looks like the BlackBerry management does not believe in volume selling. Back to the device, it does look like a gigantic Z10. There is not too much in terms of design changes from the Z10, though looks like the bottom strip on the A10 may well be metallic as compared to the all plastic strips that the Z10 had. The software looks pretty much exactly the same as we have seen and come to expect from the BB 10 devices.

You can check the whole video out here:

Via: CrackBerry

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