BlackBerry A10 Specs and Images Leaked

Be prepared guys, and cue up your favorite BlackBerry jokes, cause yet another BlackBerry BB10 device is hitting the town with a pricetag of perhaps a spaceship. Okay, not a spaceship but you get the clue. The latest BB10 device all set to roll out pretty soon is the A10. The device will bring the first BlackBerry that would compete in the phablet range of devices which measure more than 5 inches display. At the CrackBerry Forum, all the intricate details of the device have already been leaked. Usually CrackBerry does get these things pretty much spot on, so there is very little reason for us to doubt the authenticity of the information.

A10 BB


It is clear from the specs that despite having a 5 inch display the A10 will only be a 720P device. That is pretty disappointing, given that we are in a day and age where 1080P has pretty much become the standard for all the high end phones, at least in the world of Android. The battery too at 2800 mAh does not inspire a lot of confidence especially given that one of the complains just about every user had with the BB Z10 was the fact that the battery drained out pretty quickly. Apart from that another nit bit to pick is that there is no support for Wi-Fi 808.11 ac. Agreed that it is still a newer standard but we would have liked the option.

Rest of the things look pretty standard. Once again though, we have very little hopes from BlackBerry to price this device in a sensible region given the Z10 still retails for around the 40K mark. However, it would be interesting how the A10 does, especially given the high price points BB are operating with.

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