BlackBerry Confirms BBM for Android and iOS coming this weekend

After plenty of leaks, unconfirmed stories and long long wait, Blackberry has finally confirmed the BBM for both Android and iOS will go live this weekend. The Android version of the popular messaging app is expected to be released on September 21st and the iOS version would hit the app store on September 22nd.

BBM for Android

This is a major step for Blackberry as all the tech experts believe that this may well be the very last card in the pack of once a giant enterprise solution company as they aim to bring the once most popular IM service across two most popular Mobile OS version. Windows Phone users seem to be missing this boat, at least to start of with as there would be no WP edition of the app when the app launches for Android and iOS.

It is also interesting that there have been a few reports in the market saying that the Android and iOS version of the application may well be stripped down from the one that is available for folks on Blackberry devices. The missing features may well be added in future, but at least all the major features are expected to feature right from the get set go.


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