Blackberry is working on an update to bring Photo Sharing to Multi Person Chat in BBM

No matter how badly BlackBerry’s stock is plummeting, one product that continues to save grace, or at least almost is a saving grace has been the BBM. The messenger service which is now cross platform still has a loyal list of followers and has done reasonably well in terms of downloads even if it has not really hit the peaks BlackBerry expected it would. BBM for Android and iOS recently got a massive update which allows them access to BlackBerry channels as well as the ability to send and receive voice calls which BBM on native BlackBerry device has always had.


However, it makes sense that any of the big updates first come to BBM on BlackBerry devices and on other BBMs later on. The BBM team currently is working on bringing larger emojis or basically stickers what you have seen in apps like Hike or WeChat to BlackBerry. It is being reported that these stickers will be paid. If it is so, we may finally be seeing the start of a revenue model on BBM which we had expected for a while. BBM team is also working on bringing photo sharing to multi person chat as well as ability to transfer larger files directly via BBM. This is what the official statement from BlackBerry read:

The next release of BBM will support photo sharing in multi person chats. This comes as an addition to existing sharing options that exist in multi person chats – sending voice notes, sharing your location powered by Glympse, and sending files from your Dropbox account. We also understand that customers want to be able to send larger files through BBM. While our file size limit on shared files has historically been set at 6MB, we’re increasing this to 16MB in the next release of BBM. What this means is that you’ll be able to send bigger pictures, larger documents and longer videos.

Via: CrackBerry

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