Blackberry Messenger for iOS Already Submitted to the App Store

It is one of the most awaited apps of the whole year. Yes, despite the fact, it is a strong possibility that Blackberry may well pull out of the manufacturing business soon, the BBM remains one of the strikingly good features of the company. Although there are several wonderful competitors in the world of Mobile IM services such as Whatsapp, Line, Hike etc, BBM has that special charm about it. It was pretty much the very first IM service we know of and that is the reason it may well be the biggest hit that BlackBerry have produced in the past few years by taking it cross platform.

BBM- iOS Approval

We knew that the service was set to launch sometime in the second half of the year but there has not been one specific date set out for the release. Recently there was a landing page that was accidentally live for a bit but was taken away fueling the rumors that we were close to a release. A few images were also leaked out online which showed BBM being tested on Android devices. The latest is that there has been a tweet by Alex Kinsella, a Senior Manager working on the cross platform project of BBM that the app has already been submitted the app store and they are just waiting for the approval.

If that is the case, surely the Android app would not be too far away. We are actually looking forward to what features does the app bring as compared to BBM on Blackberry phones. Do let us know your views on BBM going cross platform and if you will use it in the section below.

Via: technobuffalo

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