BlackBerry Messenger Will Not get Support for Android and iOS Tablets

It was recently announced at the BlackBerry Live event in Florida that the popular messaging client BBM would be going cross platform and would be arriving over summer on Android and iOS. However, it was not exactly clear during the keynote what are the devices that BBM would be running on. iOS and Android have a big presence in tablet market and it is a bit of a bummer that BBM would be exclusive on smart phones at least to begin with and tablet support will only be added over the due course of time.


Speaking to Trustedreviews, Vivek Bharadwaj, the Head of Software portfolio at BlackBerry commented:

“When you start looking at tablets, computers and other screens, the usage model changes and behavior changes, for us right now the absolute focus is getting BBM onto smartphones.”

So this basically rules out devices like the iPad or the Nexus 7 from the race to get BBM. However, to an extent you can understand the logical reasoning behind this move as Blackberry wants to make sure it takes baby steps as it makes sure BBM is accepted widely over different platforms rather than jumping on too many boats at a time.

Via/Image Source: Technobuffalo

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