BlackBerry Services Have Been Restored

RIM’s server crashed today leading to a complete blackout of services for blackberry users.  Millions of Blackberry users in UKand other nations across Europe, Canadaand Indiawere not able to use internet and black berry messenger on their cell phones today, which of course caused a lot of inconvenience. RIM apologized for the server crash and issued the following statements on its UKblog and Techradar respectively saying that the services are restored.

BlackBerry services have been restored. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience caused.

“Yesterday, some BlackBerry subscribers in the EMEA region experienced delays with BlackBerryservices.

The issue was resolved and services are operating normally. We apologize to those customers who were impacted for any inconvenience.

RIM still hasn’t told anyone why the crash occurred. The company is still keeping the reason behind the crash under the hood but has promised that the crash will be probed and it will be made sure that suck incidents do not occur in the future. Rumors are that server outage in Slough;Englandcould be the reason for the crash which might have affected the servers inCanada.

Though it might take days to identify the issue, RIM was quick to get the servers up and running. Even though the crash troubled a lot of consumers BlackBerry services are back in action and you can continue enjoying them.

Did you face problems with your BlackBerry device today?

[via Techradar].

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