BlackBerry Teased a Curved Slider Phone Running BB 10

BlackBerry has never been the one to wince new form factors and looks liek it is set to experiment with yet another one. After Samsung won the plaudits at the MWC for its dual curved display device, in the form of the Galaxy Edge, looks like BlackBerry is set to replicate the winning formula in one of their upcoming smartphones. From the off, BlackBerry has been about keyboards and a lovely experience to type on it and this new device is not forgetting that either.


BlackBerry had announced a full touch Leap device at MWC and they did not hold back from making more noise to ensure they gave the message away loud and clear that they are working on things that will keep BlackBerry in the game at least for a short while.

After the Leap, BlackBerry teased a device on their Twitter account which has a Dual Curved display and has a sliding keyboard to it too. BlackBerry has played with a similar form factor in their Torch range of devices and we cannot really say that we loved the experience back then. The device will most definitely run BB 10 OS and while plenty of people did try to get BlackBerry to comment on the speculative device in MWC, there has been no official word on what the phone is called, what are the specs or when will it be launched.

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