Blippar is a Magical App That Turns Chocolate Bars into Augmented Reality Games

Ever wondered how Augmented reality is like ? Now you will just need a device having a built-in camera with iOS or android running on it to experience this. All this is possible because of an awesome application called Blippar. This is a unique application that provides image recognition on a mobile platform.


This app uses the camera to recognize things in the real world and provides information or interactive entertainment on the phone screen instantaneously. Presently the people behind Blippar have teamed up with confectionary giant Cadbury to turn chocolate bars into augmented reality games.

There’s no need to take a picture or scan the barcode, you just have to point the camera at a product and you will get instant response in terms of an interactive activity. The following video will give you a glimpse of the app and the rich interaction that it offers.

This app is free to download from the android market and apple store.

Download Blippar.

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