BLN Control Gives You Unique Notification Alerts in Android Phone

We at Blogtechnika love Android. In fact the open sourced way of Android has all of us quickly becoming Android fan boys but one thing Android definitely lacks is vertical integration. There are so many different hardware out there to choose from that it’s difficult to get used to one way of doing things. Notifications are definitely one place where this is visible.


Apart from the standard pull-down bar in Android the second thing that notifies you of your calls or missed calls in the presence of a small led light located right next to the earpiece. However, the problem comes when your device does not have this LED light? This is the problem with my Nexus S. There is no notification light which can be a problem as i often leave the device idle on my desk. However one application that overcomes this problem and can uniform notification across is BLN notification.

It is a very simple application to use and what it does is that it uses the 4 standard buttons on your Android phone as notification light. As and when you have a missed call or a message, the backlight on these 4 button lights up or blinks depending on your setting.


The application is really easy to find your way. There are a fair few personalization features available too like for how long would the notification lights stay on or rate of blinking etc. The UI is very very simple and nothing fancy at all and the app does what it’s built for. Nothing more, nothing less. Though yes the notifications are accurate and it works very well.

The application is available in the demo and pro mode, the pro mode is available for a small amount in Android market place. The pro version definitely adds plenty of features that demo version do not. So why not head over to the market place and download the app and make sure you don’t miss another notification.

Download BLN Control.

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