Block Annoying Ads on Your Android Mobile using Adblock Plus

On websites, mobile apps and games, we can see one thing common that is ads. Sometimes ads are helpful but most of the time ads are something which leaves us annoyed. They are sometimes so bothersome that we really wish to look for a way to get rid of them. For Google Chrome users there is an extension or an ad on called the Adblock Plus which helps get rid of advertisements for your desktop browser. It was planning to launch an Android version of the same extension soon. So here they have come up with their Android version of Adblock Plus to help users get rid of ads on their Android devices’ applications.

Adblock Plus works on your Android device even if it is not rooted. It is an open source application and hence is freely available. It blocks all the ads while browsing or even quash ads while using certain apps or games. It currently has limited operations which vary with respect to the Android version and device used. But all in all you can sure to get rid of the ads that spoil your browsing experience. For a rooted device Adblock plus blocks ads on the WiFi and 3G, whereas for non-rooted devices it blocks ads over the WiFi connection. Few versions like 2.3 Gingerbread or earlier ones may also facilitate manual configurations of proxy settings for certain apps. If you have used Adblock’s extension for your desktop this is something you will definitely like.

Adblock Plus for Android filters ads and routes them through a local proxy on your device. The proxy is set up locally on your device and updated periodically, your traffic is not sent to them. The ads are removed before your phone receives them. The application is still in its initial stages and foreseeing growth.

Download Adblock Plus from Play Store. [Update: Adblock Plus is no more available on Google Play].

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