How To Block Any User On Facebook

If anyone bothers you on Facebook or you don’t like anyone’s activity then Facebook provides you facility to block those users. After blocking a person he won’t find you with the help of Facebook search. Also he don’t able to see your updates or any other activity. This guide tells you how you can block any user on Facebook.

Note: You can also block those users also who are not in your friends list.

1. Go to homepage.

2. On top right click on Account tab. Then select Privacy settings from the drop down menu.


In the Privacy settings page, click on Edit your lists link given under Block Lists at the bottom.


In the block list page, enter the name or email of user you want to block. After entering the name or email ID in the respective fields, click on “Block This User” button.


A small window will pop up displaying display pictures and name of all the users related to your query. Select the user you want to block and click the “Block” button.

That’s it. Now the blocked user can never find you and your activity on Facebook. After the blocking the person, you cut them off from all your activities on the site. If you remove the person from the block list, you have to send the friend request again to the person (it doesn’t automatically go to previous state).

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