Blog Comment Strategy- Why Comment Is Necessary To Build Strong Networking

Commenting is a nice strategy to attract visitors to our blog. Some people leave comment on a blog very smartly to get immediate attention. And the technique generally works. Yesterday I left a comment on Problogger (I was a third commentator on that post) and I get a huge traffic (More than 60 visits) on my blog. So the lesson is, always try to be first commentator on a high traffic blog. It will surely work to bring some nice traffic on your blog.

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Second thing I want to tell is never leave spam comments or the comments like “Nice post” or “Great Article”. It will only ruin your reputation and you will not attract any traffic from such comments. So what is the correct method to comment on any blogs? Always try to comment something valuable that adds value to the post. It is necessary to build a strong relationship with the blog owner.

Relationship! Yes from commenting on blog, you can easily impress the owner of the blog or the writer of the article and you can build a decent relationship with him(Strong relationship is necessary for networking). But this doesn’t happen overnight. This is a step by step process. You need to be very clear on your goal. Your goal is to add value to the blog post by some genuine comment and make a healthy relationship with the blog owner to increase your network.

Spam Commenting

I daily receives lots of comments telling “Nice article”, “What a great post”. I generally accept these comments but never go to their blog to see about the commentator (Curiosity dies).

Some bloggers are far away from that. They write a comment on the notepad and just copy paste the same comment on several blogs to increase the back links of the blog. This is the perfect example of comment spam. Bloggers forget that they might lose their online reputation by doing this type of cheap activities.

There are following points you should take care about comments:

1) Comment on High traffic blog.

2) Be the first commentator.

3) Build relationship.

4) Don’t spam.

5) Comment Brings Traffic.

6) Comment bring back links.

7) Don’t comment “Nice post” or “Great article”.

8 ) Comment daily.

9) Add value to the post through your comment.

10) Comments are a source of networking.

Sometimes commenting first on the blog do not work. This is an obvious phenomenon. Don’t lose your heart if you are not getting traffic from a high traffic blog after commenting first. This might happen because you left something natural. Every good blogger want their readers to say something through comment so they left some space for readers to say about the topic. Try to grab the point and add a value from the comment.

Always  remember that don’t comment on other blogs by only thinking that you are increasing back link or you will get traffic on your blog. Always think in your mind that you are contributing something on the blog and add value to the article. This is a long term aspects of comment and it will give a long term result.

I made some fantastic friends through commenting on other blogs. It really works but it take time. So start commenting on others blog without expectation of traffic and back link. Start networking with bloggers of those blogs and see the result.

What is your comment strategy? Are you agree with the above mentioned points? Feel free to share your views in a comment section. And remember don’t leave comments such as “Nice post” or “I like your post” 🙂

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17 Responses

  1. today i m the first commentator for this post.. hope this will help in driving lot of traffic.. anyways really nice..
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri´s last blog ..Firefox 3.6 & Thunderbird 3.0 RC Released =-.

    • My 2 cents ” Comment written in order to drive traffic should be catchy enough that people will have no choice other then clicking on your link to see what your blog is offering ” 🙂
      .-= Themepremium´s last blog ..BuySellads WordPress Plugin : Manage Buysell Ad Slots Easily =-.

  2. Commenting on big blogs always drives us traffic. But the thing is how to get traffic from this tactic everyday and make it as an stable source.
    .-= Phaoloo´s last blog ..How To Build A Remarkable Career In Computer Programming =-.

    • This can be done bu maintaining your identity.. Suppose Im a regular reader of Blog Technika (That I’m ), I see you adding useful comments all the time and soon I will start recognizing you by your avatar or by your Name .. This way sooner or later I will be bound to click on your link and see what you are offering in your blog posts 🙂
      One imp thing : Commenting on same niche is very imprtant..else you might drive traffic but will increase the bounce rate
      .-= Themepremium´s last blog ..BuySellads WordPress Plugin : Manage Buysell Ad Slots Easily =-.

  3. I liked “Always think in your mind that you are contributing something on the blog and add value to the article”. I have got many interesting comments and most of the times, I checked their blogs and even subscribed them. That’s the power of a good comment.
    .-= John Samuel´s last blog ..Twitter lists: Public or private? =-.

  4. Becoming the first commenter on popular blogs is really one of the best reason to get traffic. On popular blogs in a day lot of article updates then after very one hour or after how much time interval we have to see that the article has been updated? Can it be one of the distraction you faced while writing an article

  5. This does take time to build momentum.

    One thing I don’t like about comment-driven traffic is that it doesn’t seem to convert well into newsletter signups. So I spend a lot of time commenting, get traffic in return, no signups.

    Then I have to do other things, and the traffic drops.

    I’m finding a middle ground here.
    .-= Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend´s last blog ..DIY WordPress: Creating Sidebars On-the-Fly in WordPress =-.

    • Dave one thing I guess which you missed here is landing page and commenting on niche blog. If you comment on niche blog and your landing page is attractive, chances are high they will convert into regular readers.
      .-= Themepremium´s last blog ..BuySellads WordPress Plugin : Manage Buysell Ad Slots Easily =-.

  6. Very well pointed out. Building a relationship with fellow bloggers is much required.
    .-= Ramkumar´s last blog ..Mininova Rip =-.

  7. Yeah, every article in your blog has some good number of comments and that shows how well you managed to gather friends.
    .-= India 365´s last blog ..Always be patient! It hurts to see many new bloggers give up blogging after few initial posts : Rahul Bansal =-.

  8. Every blogger likes comments!! who doesn’t??
    But every body hates spam.

    Making friends online these days by simply commenting on their blogs.
    .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Logitec Bluetooth Earphones =-.

  9. I would like to add one more point Himanshu 🙂
    Reading the comments which are already commented on the post. This will give you two benefits :
    1.It will help you to get nice post ideas
    2.It will eliminate the duplication of the comment or the question which is already been commented
    .-= Sunil Jain´s last blog ..Free Michael Jackson WordPress Theme =-.

    • Thanks Sunil for adding one more valuable point here. You are absolutely right. Comment is a nice way to collect different points and different opinions of people. I often use this strategy .

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