Bloggers and practical intelligence

Practical intelligence is the most underestimated word in the childhood of any children. Every child is special and every child has some ability to grasp something very unique. But in the starting phase of life their dream got crushed under the dreams of parents who want to see their child to become engineer, doctor or pilot.

It s rare that any parents could say these words to their childrens “Kid, you want to become photographer or do you want to become a sportsman or do you want to make a career in a field you are really interested in”.


Practical intelligence

According to Professor Robert J. Sternberg, an eminent psychologist at Yale University in the US defines Practical Intelligence as – It is the ability to adapt to, shape, and select everyday environments.

Practical intelligence means ability to grasp something during everyday activities. It’s rare that anyone can develop practical intelligence in school or college. There are lots of examples of people doing lots of hard work but they fail to get the taste of. And in the opposite lots of people fail to clear their academics and did very well in some particular field. Practical intelligence requires creativity to go beyond in certain field. The perfect example is technology industry which is the complete mixture of hard work, creativity and practical intelligence.


There are lots of legendary examples present in front of us where people fail in academic such as lots of college and school dropout who get success by their creative work and practical approach towards life. The perfect example are RamanujanThomas Edison or Matt Mullenweg, the maker of WordPress who is a college drop out. There are lots of business man’s there who succeed after dropping out from their college.

Bloggers and intelligence

Blogging is not just a writing job. It’s an innovation to present something in a unique way. It involves lots of technological difficulties, working with blogging tools. But bloggers make it habit to play with these tools. No one starts blogging as a career; in starting they start with a passion and later it becomes devotion. Bloggers have some unique ability to grasp things inside and present something in a special way. There is no degree or graduation required for blogging. Everyone from small kid to an old man can do blogging.

Bloggers love to learn things from internet. Blogging is a practical work. Learning blogging is like learning a new iPhone. In starting it is difficult to understand but after sometimes when we start playing with it, we become expert. Every one learns from their mistakes. They become expert in their field, it might be writing habit, any web development activities, web designing, making apps or anything.


Practical intelligence is a must require thing in blogging. Blogging is a learning process and it can’t be learn from any course or any book. Everything from WordPress to blogging, from analytics to webmaster, from SEO to programming, from designing to marketing is a unique field of learning phase of blogging. Every geek should do some practical approach on their blog to learn anything and after a particular time, they may become master in their field.

What are your views about practical intelligence? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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  1. Wow .. amazing .. I really loved this line ” Learning blogging is like learning a new iPhone. ” ha ha .. I’m gonna update this line as my status in facebook!! Thanks Himanshu 🙂

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