Blogging And Social Networking In India

Number of blog users are increasing day by day in India. Impact of various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Orkut is increasing day by day but according to the  President of Internet Service Provider in India currently only 7% population of India is using internet.

Check out this video of NDTV program “Hum Log” in which journalist Pankaj Pachauri is having a discussion about pros and cons of blogging and social networking sites with bloggers of India.

NDTV- Hum Log

You can watch full video here.

10 Responses

  1. There always be people who praise and criticise social networking but I feel it has completely changed the way we interact with people and it is very much required for our society.

    • I was watching a tv program by some news channel, the guests(news reporters/editors) were criticizing bloggers and SNS’s, who themselves use internet.

      I hate some news papers and their articles becoz they simply copy our contents hmm 🙁

  2. To be frank, in India most people still have a very hazy idea of what a blog is! Leave the make money online part. The major part of 7% are people who use Orkut, facebook and check emails!!

  3. Only a small part of population is addicted but the internet user base is large in India.
    Indian needs addiction on the net.

  4. If we have something to promote of your own, the time we spend on social sites participating in discussions, chatting, commenting etc., can be worth but without having any of our own online space such as a blog or a website and just hanging on with friends on social networks always is a definite waste of time. And as Chanakya said – “Ati Sarvtra Varjayet” (Doing anything excessively can be harmful). Isn’t it?

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