Blogtechnika Monday Morning Roundup 5 to 11 October 2009

Blogtechnika is firmed to deliever you a content related to blogging , SEO , WordPress and technology. I am starting a weekly roundup program which deliever you those contents which were published on Blogtechnika last week. The contents published last week i.e. between 5 to 11th of October are:


Is blogging is an invitation to Doctor

How to market your post effectively in 10 easy ways

How to deal with duplicate content issue

Blogging tools

Powerful and Killer SEO tips for Bloggers

Hope you enjoy these articles. I know this is very less, but I promise that I will try to deliver more and more articles which would help Bloggers in learning something new. I also wish to know from my readers which post they like most and which type of article they want to read in future so that I would concentrate my work on that particular topic. Every comment will be appreciable.

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