Blogtechnika Would Be Joining The SOPA Protest on 18/1/2012 By Going Dark

Hello Readers,

Over the period of last few years, we have bought to you some terrific tweaks and lists as well as various reviews on smartphone devices. However, this post today is none like ever written before. Blogtechnika, would like to join hands with the global community protesting against SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act ) and there would be no new content published for 24 hours on the 18th.

You can read everything you wish to read about SOPA here on Technobuffalo and also participate by putting a message across for SOPA on either your websites or personal blogs, or even social networking.

SOPA threatens to hit personal bloggers like us the hardest. And in in order to raise the issue, we feel, it is important we play our part too.

What do you think about SOPA? Do let us know.

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